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Sublime is releasing a beer this year | Who taught you these new tricks?


It’s been 25 years since the release of Sublime’s debut album “40 oz. to Freedom,” and love the album or not, you still probably know the choruses to most of the songs by heart. (I personally still get “What I Got”—though that’s off Sublime’s 1996 self-titled album—stuck in my head every time I read the phrase “early in the morning,” and now you will too. You’re welcome.)

To mark the anniversary, Sublime co-founders Bud Gaugh and Eric Wilson, manager Dave Kaplan and Troy Holmes, widow of Sublime’s former lead singer Bradley Nowell, teamed up with San Diego brewery AleSmith for a Vienna lager riff called Sublime Mexican Lager. It will hit stores nationally in June in six-packs of 12-ounce cans, with a limited release of 40-ounce bottles at locations to be determined. SOURCE:

What wonderful news! If there has ever been a beer for backyard bbqs and beach day drinking, this is the beer. I can’t wait to see the label. Sublime has always been connected to some local LBC artists and this brew should be no different. Point me in the direction of those 40s and send me on my way.


Music Monday on a Tuesday – Sublime



Music Monday – Sublime

Matt’s Music Monday – Sublime

Good morning, Average Nobodies nation! I’m feeling good this Monday morning so I will treat you will my favorite band of all time! Enjoy!


Rest easy, Bradley


Monsterblog Wednesday: Favorite Summertime Jams

The summer and music go together like a fine wine paired with an aged cheese. In other words, they’re made for each other. Everyone has their personal favorites, and the Average Nobodies are no exception. While certain songs work during any time of the day, there are those special jams that help get your day started and others that never fail to relax you. Here are our favorite daytime and nighttime summer jams.

Daytime Jam: Weezer – Island In The Sun

Classic jam from a classic band. This song had always been an ideal sunny day relaxation nation beer in hand type of song for me. I also have a sick obsession with playing songs over and over again, and on a hot summer’s day, this song is no exception. Plus it has the words “island” and “sun” in it, so you know it’s good.

Nighttime Jam: Dave Matthews Band – Crash Into Me

My favorite song from my favorite band. Just an absolute gem. I can’t think of a better song to wind down too after a long day at the beach. Literal music to my ears. If you can’t get down to Dave Matthews, then you have no soul.

– Ryan

Daytime Jam: Sublime – Santeria

The proof is tattooed on the inside of my right bicep. Sublime is by far my favorite band. They have a song for every kind of mood that I am in, and Santeria happens to be my “daytime summer” mood track. Just listen to this song and get lost in the day.

Nighttime Jam: Atmosphere – Always Coming Back Home To You

Atmosphere has some deep tracks, none deeper than “Always Coming Back Home To You”. Slug paints you a picture worthy of the silver screen on this one. Nothing is better than summer nights while getting lost in the Atmosphere.


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