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Brand New “Stupid Sayings” Videos Have Arrived!






Stupid Sayings – “Let’s Blow This Popsicle Stand”

Who stops at a popsicle stand (if those even exist) and has to leave in such a huff that they need to “blow” it.

-The Average Nobodies

Stupid Sayings – More Than You Can Shake a Stick At

I can shake a stick at any number of things. Not sure where the restriction comes into play. Stupid Saying


Stupid Sayings – Shooting Fish In a Barrel

Why would somebody shoot fish in a barrel? and would it even be that easy?

-The Average Nobodies


Stupid Sayings – On Cloud 9

My biggest beef here is what the hell happened to clouds 1-8. What did YOU do to clouds 1-8?

Stupid Sayings – Happy as a Clam

Clams are the last animal on earth that I would peg as “Happy”.

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Stupid Sayings – Sleeping Like a Baby

Sleeping like a baby. Of all the animals that sleep on this Earth, babies might be my last choice to model a night of sleep after. Stupid saying.

– Ryan

Thanks to Ray for the idea.

Stupid Sayings – Healthy as an Ox

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