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And Now Here’s HHH Beating The Ever Loving Shit Out Of A Fan During A House In Germany In The Late 90’s

There’s really only one rule when you’re attending a wrestling show: don’t get in the ring. You can tell guys to go F themselves, bring your sign, drink beer and just be a general asshole if you want to, but don’t jump the barricade and get in the ring. This German fan learned that the hard way when he ran in the ring following a Stone Cold/HHH match at a house show in the 90’s. This video was recently uploaded to YouTube and it’s great, because the fan gets the shit beat out of him by both HHH and referee Mike Chioda. HHH starts him off with a suplex and then just pounds away from there until security leisurely makes their way into the ring to take the guy away. Lesson here kids: wrestling may be fake, but these guy’s are enormous and they will end you.


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