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The Doctah Has Some PR Advice For Steve Harvey

Yesterday Ryan posted an article that painted Steve Harvey in a not so pretty light. In a Donald Trump light. An email that he sent to his staff leaked out and Steve’s once lovable image was tarnished. Well The Doctah is here to right the Steve Harvey ship, because Mr. Harvey is not a dick for wanting some personal time. I present to you, exhibit A:

Oh, what’s that you say? Steve Harvey ISN’T that bad? Well, Mr. Harvey, this is the way to redeem yourself.  We all feel for terminally ill people, and this is why Spiderman was told “with great power, comes great responsibility.”

Harvey did the coolest thing for that terminally ill man, and it’s something that he should be proud of.  When fortunate human beings help less fortunate human beings, it brings a special warmth to my soul.

Just throwing Steve some love.  He may want personal time in his leaked email, but that’s understandable, considering he helped someone who couldn’t get the help they needed.

Steve, the Average Nobodies Salute You!

Stay Fucking Classy My Friends.

~ The Doctah


An Email That Steve Harvey Sent To His Staff Has Leaked & Hoo Boy Does He Sound Like A Douchebag

Thursday marks the final day of production for “The Steve Harvey Show”after five years in Chicago. After that, it’s packing up and moving to Los Angeles, where the syndicated talk show will morph into a new daytime series simply called “Steve.”

Most if not all of the estimated 80 employees who worked for Harvey here will be out of work after the show closes down at NBC Tower. – Robert Feder


I’m a Steve Harvey fan. Most of that stems from his Kings of Comedy standup, hosting of Family Feud and Kenan Thompson’s impression, but he always seemed like a pretty cool guy. Well it turns out he’s actually the opposite of a cool guy. I don’t know what it’s like being a celebrity, but you have to be quite the douchebag to write a letter like that to your staff. If you don’t want to sign autographs or give people hugs while your eating dinner or trying to take a piss that’s understandable. But these people are doing their jobs, the main part of which is to make you look good and make your show run smooth. Also, you’re the host of a daily talk show. How hard is your life? You’re getting paid at least a couple million dollars to sit in a chair and make stupid jokes. Lock it up, Steve Harvey.

Vernon Davis’s Performance Last Season Makes A lot More Sense After Watching Him On ‘Family Feud’

Vernon Davis didn’t have the greatest season last year. He was hurt, yes, but he played in 14 games and finished with 26 catches and two touchdowns, which is…not good. While his physical ailments may have healed in the offseason, it’s clear from this Family Feud clip that he is also mentally unhinged. While the ‘stripper’ comment was kind of funny, the ‘feet’ comment was just disturbing. There’s no need to go all Rex Ryan on us and air your foot fetishes out in public. Let’s worry about hands and catching the ball so the 49ers don’t suck again.

P.S. Steve Harvey is the best game show host of all the times.

– Ryan

This Video Continues To Prove That Steve Harvey’s Reactions Are Still The Best Part of Family Feud

In this lady’s defense, this is one of those questions that no matter what the answer is, it’s going to sound weird. If she said ham sandwich people would laugh and if she said kidney then Steve Harvey would probably give a slight nod off screen and the police would come and escort her away. With that said, gerbil is a strange answer. If Richard Gere were in this episode and answered gerbils I’d understand, but this woman says gerbils then has no reasoning whatsoever for saying it. She didn’t have a fun back story or a weird reason for saying it, her mind just immediately jumped to gerbils when the question “name something a doctor might pull out of a person’. That’s disturbing. As funny as Steve Harvey’s reaction is, nothing tops CUPINE:

– Ryan

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