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Trailer Alert – The Last Jedi

WARNING: This trailer contains potential spoilers for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. If you’d like to go into The Last Jedi fresh, then skip this trailer and just watch the first trailer to help ease your nerves. Having said all that….THIS TRAILER FUCKS. I am beyond hyped for this. Like more excited than I was for Episode VII. That’s REALLY excited.



Fate Of The Furious Had The Highest Grossing Opening Weekend Of All Time

It was close, but just by a hair Universal’s The Fate of the Furious topped $100 million at the domestic box office, leading the Easter weekend charge and becoming the second 2017 release to top the century mark over its three-day opening. More importantly, on top of its North American debut, the film premiered in over 60 international markets where it brought in a record $432.3 million, resulting in a record $532.5 million worldwide debut.

With an estimated $100.2 million, The Fate of the Furious secured the #1 spot at the domestic box office, delivering on industry expectations. The film scored an “A” CinemaScore from opening day audiences which were 58% male vs. 42% female. Of that audience, 50% were under the age of 25 and further demographics show the opening weekend audience was made up of 41% Caucasian moviegoers, 26% Hispanic, 19% African American and 11% Asian. This makes for the second time a film in the Fast and Furious franchise has debuted with over $100 million and there are more to come with Fast and Furious 9 planned for 2019 and a tenth installment set for a 2021 release.

Internationally is where the majority of the Fate of the Furious story will be told as it broke the international opening record, previously held by Jurassic World with $316.7 million, as it brought in a massive $432.3 million from 63 international markets. Combined with the $100.2 million domestic opening this gives the film a record $532.5 million worldwide debut, breaking the previous record of $529 million held by none other than Star Wars: The Force Awakens. With this weekend’s grosses, the Fast and Furious franchise has now amassed just shy of $4.5 billion worldwide from all eight of its feature films. – Box Office Mojo

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The Rock talking to every other movie

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, because for whatever reason people LOVE the Fast & Furious franchise, but Fate of the Furious is now the highest grossing opening weekend movie of all time. It beat out Star Wars by a little more than $3 million and if you’re ever wondering why studios keep making sequel after sequel, this is why. $500 million over three days is insane, and I can only imagine how much the film is going to gross over it’s entire cinema run. Check back with us in 2019 when Fast and Furious 9 takes in more money than the United States government.




Chills shooting up and down my spine right now. Tune into the Make Movies Great Again Podcast on Monday for a FULL breakdown. In the meantime, I’m going to watch this 1,000,000,000 times.


PS – Here’s the poster:




BREAKING – Star Wars Episode 8: THE LAST JEDI

It official! The Next installment in the Star Wars Saga is “The Last Jedi”.




Get me in a freeze chamber and thaw me when this hits theaters.


This Darth Maul Fan-Made Movie is Everything

I always felt that Darth Maul was a wasted villain in the Star Wars movie universe; he was disposed of so easily at the hands of young Ben Kenobi. This fan-made short film is a little bit of the justice that Maul has coming to him. A ruthless Sith who slays Jedi without any hesitation deserves a sort of origin story and here it is. George Lucas and Kathleen Kennedy better make this canon immediately!


PS – How about that Jedi looking like Scorpion from Mortal Combat.


My Force Has Awoken – Review and Thoughts


Saying I was excited to see this movie is like saying Kel had a slight affection for orange soda. I was hyped to the max. I got my IMAX tickets early, got to the theater with enough time to procure some snacks, sat my ass down in the oversized theater seat and slipped on the always stylish 3D glasses for some good ol’ fashion SciFi fun.

Here’s how I thought it was [Spoilers ahead]: Read the rest of this entry

Alamo Drafthouse is Doing The Ultimate Star Wars Marathon/Contest


Consider yourself a big Star Wars fan? Seen all six movies so many times you can quote them word-for-word? Have an iron bladder the size of a Death Star? Well then has Alamo Drafthouse got a challenge for you. The movie house is setting up an endurance-testing challenge to find themselves the ultimate Star Wars fan with their new event, Star Wars: The Marathon Awakens.

The challenge invites all fans over the age of 21 to watch every Star Wars movie again and again and again (and again!) until one single, solitary fan is left. Starting at 4:45am on December 17th, fans will watch a marathon of the first six Star Wars films, in episodic order, with minimal pee breaks between each film. When the mid-day embargo on Episode VII—The Force Awakenslifts, participants will be among the first fans in the world to see the film (before likely watching it several times over in order to win the title). Participants in the contest will be allowed bathroom breaks between each screening, but other than that they are not allowed to leave the theater. Cellphone use, falling asleep, or using any sort of illegal substance to keep them awake will also result in a disqualification. Luckily, Alamo offers in-theater food and beverage service, so fans will not have to starve themselves to win.

The last fan to remain in the theater will win a seven-year free movie pass to any Alamo Drafthouse theater in the country, a set of Topps Star Wars Cards for the Card Reader app, a selection of Star Wars Mondo poster prints, and a theater seat named in their honor. Yes, this will include a naming ceremony that they will attend.

In order to be selected to participate, fans must post a photo to Instagram proving why they should be considered. The photo must be posted before 11:59pm CT on Thursday, December 10th, and must tag both @drafthouse and #alamojedi to be considered eligible.

For more on the full set of rules and regulations, head over to the official page from Alamo Drafthouse. Let us know if you plan to enter in the comments below, and may The Force be with those who take this challenge.

Going to any Alamo Drafthouse (preferably the Austin one) is the BEST way to watch a movie. The theaters are drenched in movie lore, they serve booze and food (to your seat) and they play some of the best new and old school movies. It makes complete sense that they would do something like this. Do I think I could survive until the end? Yeah I could, I most definitely could. Plop me down in front of a movie(s) (especially ones that I love), feed me delicious food and promise me something awesome like having a seat named after me and you’ve got the recipe of a champion. Alamo, while I don’t think I can enter this contest due to prior engagements (work), I will see you in March for SXSW 2016 and I cannot wait.


Star Wars Episode VII Tickets Go on Sale Today!


Tonight, during Monday Night Football, Star Wars is releasing a brand new trailer for the sure-to-be blockbuster, Episode VII: The Force Awakens. Right after said trailer, tickets will start going on sale for the movie! If you are ever going to buy tickets to a movie two months in advance, this is the one to do it for.


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