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Massive 14-Acre Star Wars Parks Coming to DisneyLand and Disney World

Prepare to make the jump to light speed!

For those of you living under giant rocks, Disney had its annual D23 event over the weekend. This event is pretty much Comic Con but if you listen very closely you can hear people being asked if “they would like to build a snowman”, over and over and over again. D23 is a magical experience that I hope to enjoy someday, but until then I will have to settle for reading it online and regurgitating it here.Unknown

Major movie announcements flooded D23 with the highlights being: The Incredibles 2, Finding Dory, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men tell no Tales and of course the “it would be stupid-dumb if we didn’t do this” Frozen 2. Other highlights included photos from Star Wars: Rogue One, a Darth Vader themed PS4 and two full on themed Star Wars Disney Parks! So actually, D23 was exactly like Comic Con but with more Star Wars.

The proposed parks are said to be 14 acres with full-on Star Wars themed restaurants, shops and of course, rides. Even teasing a ride where you get to pilot the Millennium Falcon! This makes me very excited, to say the least.