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ESPN Will Now Run A Weekly WWE Recap Segment On Sportscenter & I Guess I’m Watching Sportscenter Again

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I’m sure sports fans/assholes around the world will be OUTRAGED that ESPN is going to start airing WWE recaps on Sportscenter, but as a wrestling fan, I am overjoyed. Jonathan Coachman is our man on the inside and he’s been pushing for a collaboration between ESPN and the WWE for awhile now, so I’m glad it’s finally happening. WWE being ‘PG TV’ helps in situations like this, as you know young kids aren’t going to be tuning in and watching Val Venis get his penis chopped off or Sable with black hand paint as a bra. WrestleMania 31 was a huge success and WM 32 taking place in Dallas has a chance to be the biggest WrestleMania ever, so I’m glad this partnership is starting now. Now, if the main roster writers and Vince can get their heads out their asses and start writing good TV shows we’ll be golden.


Brock Lesnar Has Officially Re-Signed With The WWE Ahead of WrestleMania 31

Safe to say this is the biggest news to come out of the WWE in quite some time, and was only magnified by the fact that it aired live on Sportscenter. If you missed it, Brock Lesnar was interviewed by longtime WWE fan and ESPN personality Michelle Beadle and he explained that his MMA career is over, but Sunday will not be the last time he fights inside a WWE ring. After I came down from cloud nine, I immediately when to Twitter and the wrestling community was going bonkers. Sites were shutting down due to overload of web traffic, people who haven’t tweeted in forever were losing their minds; Brock Lesnar, BRRROCKKK LESNAR, is staying with the WWE. Besides all the fantasy matchups that this signing could bring, the biggest short term affect will be on the main event of this Sunday’s WrestleMania. With Brock looking like he was headed out the door, it was all but certain that Roman Reigns would capture the WWE Championship at WrestleMania, but now that Brock is back, that outcome is anything but certain. Brock himself said on Sportscenter that he will still have the belt after Sunday, and I can’t imagine anyone in that stadium cheering for Roman Reigns now. The only way I see the WWE putting the belt on Reigns is if they do a double switch, with Heyman turning on a now baby face Brock to align himself with the heel Reigns. If they do that, Reigns, who has all the qualities of a cocky heel, will turn bad guy and Brock, who is universally loved after this announcement, will be THE ultimate badass good guy. I cannot wait for Sunday!

– Ryan

If You Haven’t Been Following The Robert Flores/Nick Young War of Words, It’s Not Too Late To Jump On Board

In case you missed it, Sportscenter anchor Robert Flores took a dig at Lakers guard Nick Young, aka Swaggy P’s girlfriend Iggy Izalea. Here’s the original video from Sportscenter:

ESPN is trying this new thing with Sportscenter where they give a hot take on certain issues, which is making the show and their anchors a little more edgy. I’m not sure why Flores decided to pick on Azalea, but Nick Young took offense and semi threatened Flores on Twitter, which of course he soon deleted. But as we’ve seen before, nothing is REALLY deleted from the internet:


Flores, not one to be upstaged, might have landed the knockout blow last night:

Although Flores initiated it, Nick Young should know better than to enter a war of words with a Sportscenter anchor. These guys are brilliant, quick witted professionals with an entire staff waiting to look up stats. Also, Nick Young is shooting 36% from the field this year, so technically Flores isn’t wrong. This is entertaining stuff, and will continue to be until one of these two is suspended or something stupid happens because we live in the most sensitive society in the history of the world.

– Ryan

This Tweet is Why ESPN Sucks


So we’re not going to include Kevin Love or Kyle Lowry or the dozen or so other guys that DO have a triple double this year? I’m not one of those hockey fans who thinks they get boned with ESPN exposure because SportsCenter repeatedly shows a guy who is 7 feet tall dunk (even though its true). If hockey fans want to know why they’re on NBC Sports and not ESPN they should revolutionize (?) against their commissioner who locked out the sport twice in eight years. As far as ESPN is concerned, this is why people hate you. We know Lebron is great. We know he’s your bread and butter. But we don’t need to know he doesn’t have a triple double this year. Especially when there are a dozen people who you rarely cover who have accomplished that. Lebron doesn’t need to be on every list or every segment of your show. Would it kill you to get some Dirk stats up in there!?

– Ryan

Vince Carter – Always and Forever Slam Dunk Champion

Some of my earliest memories from the NBA stem from Vince Carter throwing it down! Between the legs, 360, tomahawk, windmill, you name it, VC has done it. Timmy, I thought you were better than that.


Jo Jo Offerman Is Singing The National Anthem At Summerslam, Which Reminds Me: Isn’t Her Dad Insane?

Jo Jo Offerman, a WWE developmental Diva and star of the E! show Total Divas, is singing the national anthem this Sunday at WWE Summerslam. She’s beautiful, a great singer and very talented in the ring.

Pretty normal news story right? Except for the fact that her father, former MLB player Jose Offerman, is insane. In 2007, he was arrested for assault after hitting a pitcher and catcher IN THE HEAD WITH A BAT.

Now I’m sure after somebody does that, they’re never allowed to play the game again. Wrong. Three years later, Offerman punched an umpire while disputing a call.

Those of you who are going to say “well he didn’t actually connect with the punch” are really missing the point. Following this incident, Jose was banned for life by the Dominican Winter League, which apparently means nothing, considering the ban was lifted in February of this year.

Let’s hope Jo Jo does the national anthem justice this Sunday, and pray to God she leaves her dad at home.

– Ryan

5 Best “This Is Sportscenter” Commercials

It’s impossible to pick the best “this is sportscenter” commercials, but I did it anyway. I hope you disagree.

– Ryan

J.J. Watt AKA The Scariest Human On The Planet


If you told me, something that was 288 pounds could jump 59.5 inches into the air I would say “turn off Aliens vs Predators“.  J.J. Watt is 100 percent superhuman and is going to tear up QB’s this year.  I’m just glad he isn’t playing the Bucs.


PS- Whoever that “watch out” was for, I would HATE to be you. You can’t even hide, J.J. will find you.

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