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Awesome Parody Alert: “I’m So Pregnant”

Nothing like a good parody video, and this one doesn’t disappoint. These ladies win the internet for today.


The Hover Board is Finally Here!

Real or not…you be the judge.


Monster Blog Wednesday – An Average Nobody Dating Profile

Dating profiles are sweeping nation. EHarmony. Match. Black People Meet. You name it, they’ve got a dating site for it. So we decided to get in on the fun. The following are all stone cold facts. Read the rest of this entry

Walter White’s Facebook “Look Back” Video is Perfect

Definitely more exciting than mine.


Batman Can’t Stop Thinking About Sex

Bruce Wayne has a dirty mind.


In Non Royal Rumble News, SNL’s ‘Her’ Parody Was Bizarre and Great

Whether its Wes Anderson or now Spike Jonze, SNL has been on it’s game with movie trailer spoofs this year. ‘Me’ was scary similar to the ‘Her’ trailer, about an complex introvert who falls in love with his home operating system. I’d probably watch ‘Me’ if it ever became a feature film, as long as the testicle kiss part was cut from the script. There’s also a great cameo at the end that was the icing on the cake. You go Jonah Hill. Go on with your bad self.

– Ryan

Betty White Spoofs Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball – Dear God No

This could have been a lot worse, but can we stop the wrecking ball spoofs now. Watching a 90 year old ride a wrecking ball and kiss a sledgehammer should never be something I have to witness.

– Ryan

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