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Today in Misleading Headlines, Anthony Hopkins Spits Blood in a Cops Face and Tells the Cop He Has Hepatitis C

SourceAn Indiana man is facing multiple charges after he allegedly spit blood into the mouth and face of a police officer and told the officer he had Hepatitis C.

Anthony J. Hopkins, 27, was in the process of being arrested in the early morning hours of April 12 for allegedly fighting with an unknown person, then attempting to flee from officers.

In recently released police documents reported by The Indy Channel on Monday, one witness described being fearful of Hopkins.

Officers eventually found Hopkins hiding in a basement crawl space. A K-9 officer was used to remove Hopkins from the area, causing bite wounds to the suspect, according to The Star Press.

After coming out of the crawl space, Hopkins turned around, spit blood onto an officer’s face and in his mouth, and said, “F-ck you, I hope you die,” according to the report.

As the officer who had been spit on tried leading the suspect up the basement stairs, Hopkins allegedly struggled against him, sending them both falling down the stairs. Officers eventually managed to get Hopkins outside.

“You know I have Hep C,” Hopkins allegedly said as he spat blood on the back of a patrol car once outside.

“I hope you get Hep C and give it to your wife and kids,” Hopkins reportedly said. “Once I get out of here I’m going to kill you and your family…”

Pretty horrible story, right? Well this is what the headline looked like on the yahoo home page:


Talk about misleading. How is that your headline for this story? Anyone with a brain looks at that and thinks oh my Jesus Anthony Hopkins has lost his mind/when did he get Hep C? When I found out it wasn’t THE Anthony Hopkins I was kind of relieved but then I read the rest of the story. Talk about something escalating quickly. This cop probably thought he was responding to an ordinary drunk and disorderly and then he met Anthony Hopkins. Not only was it not the actor but it was one of the worst humans in history. Anthony Hopkins also kind of sealed his fate too, as I can’t imagine threatening a cops family is taken lightly. Moral of the story: Anthony Hopkins does NOT have Hepatitis C.

– Ryan

Is it Weird this Makes Me Hungry

So this kid gets fired from Taco Bell for licking a bunch of hard taco shells.  There is so many things wrong with this picture, but his tongue on those shells isn’t one of them.

  1. Dude, if you’re going on a licking spree in your place of business don’t post that shit to Facebook.  That’s rookie fundamentals right there.
  2. Everyone knows licking isn’t nearly as shocking as hacking up a lung into say…the sour cream.  Work up a good loogie and let that shit fly!
  3. Taco Bell is supposedly having an “investigation” regarding the matter.  Really? It seems like a pretty open and shut case to me, but i’m no investigator. (This kid better have an airtight alibi)
  4. Who really gives a sweet shit?! Everyone knows you get soft tacos when you ride through for fourth meal.


P.S. If that kid happen to be licking Doritos Loco taco shells there would be no place on Earth he could hide from my wrath.  You don’t mess with the loco.

This Guy is Fucking Awesome at Catching Lama Spit in His Eye

I didn’t know this was a thing, but this guy must be there best there is!

-Sean Lite-

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