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Bill Murray Strikes Again. This Time at a Bachelor Party

Why does everyone love bill Murray so much? Oh yeah that’s right, this is why.  Guy is out of his mind and I couldn’t love it more. There is no way Bill Murray needed to take time out of his day to talk with these guys, but guess what? That’s what makes him Bill Fucking Murray. Pretty sound advice as well.





WWE’s Mr. T “Happy Mother’s Day Message” Was Mildly Offensive

So Mr. T went on and on about his mother during his Hall of Fame induction speech last month, so what does WWE do? They turn it into a Mother’s Day remix that will haunt my dreams forever. This seemed highly unnecessary, especially since Mother’s Day isn’t that big of a holiday. I can’t imagine someone who takes themself as seriously as Mr. T approved this video, which actually makes it a little better, but its still too awful for my tastes. How about a 5 second “Happy Mother’s Day from the WWE’ graphic next year, WWE. I think that’ll get the point across without subjecting anyone to this horrible video.

– Ryan

Everyone Needs to Cool Their Jets and Leave Jameis Alone

This 20 year-old kid just won the LAST BSC Title on his birthday! How could you possibly get on his post-game speech?! The kid must have been floored. Oh, that’s right, he also won the Heisman this year. Give him a break. At least what he said made sense. Can’t say that for all athletes.

Oh, and fuck AJ’s mom. Who cares what YOU have to say




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