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Monday Morning Discussion: Would You Have Your Testicle Removed For $870,000?

A Pennsylvania man has been awarded $870,000 after a doctor removed the wrong testicle during a surgery in 2013, according to Fox 43.

Steven Hanes, 54, of Mount Union, Pa., was operated on to remove a painful right testicle, after experiencing pain for years. Medical imaging showed that the testicle was nearly half the size of the other, the same outlet reports.

However, Hanes discovered that his left testicle — the healthy one — had been removed in the procedure. – NY Daily News

Classic Sophie’s choice (I’ve never seen the movie). Now obviously Mr. Hanes wasn’t given this choice when he went in for, what was it? Painful testicle surgery? He was expecting the bad testicle to be removed, but those wacky doctors took out the good one instead. In this scenario, you either take the money and lose a testicle or you keep the testicle but lose out on the money. You have to take the money, right? Testicles are probably the most useless part of your body unless you’re trying to have a kid, but even then I bet you could get by with one nut. Aesthetically nothing is changing, but you are $870,000 richer. The only thing you have to worry about is the money being real. If somebody is approaching me on the street asking for one of my testicles in exchange for almost a million dollars, I think it’s perfectly acceptable to be skeptical of this person. If the money is real, I’m in.


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