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Have You Ever Wanted To Hear All Of Michael Jackson’s Grunts Super Cut Into One Video? Me Neither, But Here It Is!

I can’t imagine there’s anyone out there who’s been waiting for a super cut video of all the times Michael Jackson has grunted in his songs, but here we are, and here it is. This is one of those videos that is so strange you have to share it when you see it. Someone took days, weeks, possibly months out of their lives to put this together, so I guess the least I could do is share it with the world. I can’t honestly say it’s time well spent, but if this is your hobby then have yourself a day. The weirdest part of the video (besides all the grunting) is that the only image on the screen throughout the entire video is of a white guy with a Rick James wig dressed in MJ’s classic red leather outfit. You’re telling me whoever made this video spent all this time picking out all the grunts and couldn’t use an actual picture of MJ for the video? I can’t imagine it’s copyrighted, as you’d probably have a harder time not using copyrighted music then you would screen-shotting a picture and throwing it up there. We live in a strange, strange world.

– Ryan


The Boyz II Men Pretzel Love Songs Marketing Campaign for Wendy’s Is Genius

Just when I thought I couldn’t love Wendy’s any more, they pull Boyz II Men out of retirement or a nursing home and have them read actual tweets about Wendy’s new pretzel bun. Do I love the pretzel bun? Yes. Do I love Boyz II Men? Also yes. Does listening to Boyz II Men read tweets about people’s lust for pretzels make me want a Wendy’s pretzel bun sandwich? Kind of. Job well done, Wendy’s. I’ll always support you:


Let’s see what the Iron Sheik thinks about the pretzel love songs:

Alrighty then.

– Ryan

Sweet Baby Jesus: Freddie Mercury is Back (He’s Still Dead Though)

Freddie Queen guitarist Brian May stopped by BBC Radio ostensibly to discuss Diableries: Stereoscopic Adventures in Hell, his new book on 19th century French stereoscopic cards. But after detailing his lifelong love of the cards and their odd visions of hell, May revealed plans for a new Queen album featuring unreleased Freddie Mercury vocals from the Eighties. Asked what his favorite Queen song ever recorded was, May said the answer changes every time, but “my favorite at the moment is ‘Made in Heaven,’ which was never a single but it’s the title track off the [1995] album we made after Freddie was gone with all the pieces that were left. “I’ve just been doing something very similar because we found a few more tracks with Freddie singing and all of us playing and they’re quite beautiful. People will be hearing this work toward the end of the year.”

Freddie Haters Gonna Hate

I love Freddie Mercury. Not in the way that he would love me, but he was the best. If you can look me in the eyes and tell me a better vocalist than Freddie Mercury I’d probably rip your eyes out. On a serious note, the guy could write, sing and perform like nobody else, and the best part was he didn’t give a shit what anybody thought of him. He’d dress in drag for Queen’s music videos, sport a porn ‘stache and wear THE tightest clothes on stage. Then he’d belt out “Bohemian Rhapsody” or “Somebody to Love” or “Fat Bottomed Girls” and you’d sit there and enjoy the shooting star that was singing for you. I can’t wait for this to come out. Long live The King.

– Ryan

Matt’s Music Monday – The Lumineers

The Lumineers self titled debut album has not left my car cd player for over a year, and is by far the most played music on my itunes.

Here is “Ho Hey”, from that album.

This whole Album is straight fire. I can easily just listen to this album for weeks on end (and I have).  But why post them on Matt’s Music Monday after a year of the album circulating? Well, because at the end of the month (Aug 20) they are releasing a special edition version of the album complete with 5 new songs, a video documentary, and a 14-page booklet to go with it!

Preorder on itunes, now!



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