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Insane Social Media Comments Are Back! Emma Stone Doesn’t Deserve That Oscar

One of our favorite pastimes here at the Average Nobodies is jet setting across the social media world with the hopes of finding some insane comments. Turns out, they’re not that hard to find, because the majority of people that comment on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are indeed very deranged. Some of our finer work can be found here, here and here, but if you search ‘insane Instagram comments’ anywhere on our blog, prepare to go down the rabbit hole of insanity. While we’ve been on a hiatus, I think it’s time to get insane again.

Many of you know that Emma Stone won the Best Actress Oscar Sunday night, and while we can argue until the Himalayan Tree Frogs come home about whether or not her performance deserved the award, most of us can agree that Emma Stone is lovely. She’s only 28, but she’s already got a solid 10 years of films under her belt and an Oscar. A lot of people were really happy for Emma Stone, but one of those happy people was not Linda Williams

I’ll say this, Linda enjoys saying the word trash. She starts it off with ‘trash’ in all capital letters.  Someone must have taken some creative writing classes in college, because you know exactly how she’s feeling in the opening word. After that, things get a little dicey. I don’t know if she thinks the name of the movie is Fantasy Land or if that’s another word one of her go to words. It’s probably a little bit of both. A quick IMDB search comes up with three results for Fantasy Land, but the last one came out in 2010 and documented a fantasy baseball player who got a chance to play in an expert league. Slightly different plot than La La Land. Linda then starts getting a little repetitive with the word ‘trash’, admitting that none of her friends watch this trash anymore. Is she talking about movies, or award shows, or maybe even actual trash? I honestly don’t know. One thing we do know is that her friends like to go out to dinner and celebrate themselves. Congratulations?

Linda Williams, thanks for bringing us back to bizarro world.


H/T Crazy Mama JuJu

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