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Dogs & Snow Continue To Be The Best Combination In The World

Dogs are the best. That’s a scientific fact that can’t be disputed. The only thing better than a dog by itself is a dog in snow. Don’t believe me? Check out exhibit A: a dog pulling a sled up a hill so he slide back down for hours.

Dogs & Snow

This might be the happiest video of all time. There is unbridled joy and then there is this dog, having the time of his life sledding down a hill. I’ve had a dog since I was young, and if you’ve never experienced a snowstorm with a dog, you’re missing out. Shoveling sucks, but it’s counteracted 1 million times by the happiness of a dog jumping around in the snow. This video already has over 680,000 views, and I make up a very large majority. Have a great weekend everybody.

Here’s a bonus video of my dog running in the snow yesterday


Music Monday: Dean Martin – Walking In A Winter Wonderland

Dean Martin – Walking In A Winter Wonderland

This Music Monday pick was an easy one. Rhode Island got it’s first snow of the season over the weekend, so this song was playing on a loop in my house all weekend long. The only thing Dean Martin did better than drinking martini’s was singing songs, and that’s a scientific fact. Have a great day on purpose everybody.

Bonus picture of my dog running in the snow happier than any living being will ever be.

Dean Martin

Photo: Facebook


People Walking in the Streets Are the Worst Part of a Snowstorm




Why? Why do so many people walk in the street during a snowstorm? The roads are already narrow enough because 99% of plows do a terrible job. Now I have to dodge adults and children who think it’s a smart idea to walk in the street while cars are sliding out of control? I don’t think so. Either drive your car to work or stay in your house. Don’t walk around the streets and pretend it’s a Winter Wonderland, because it’s not. It’s Hell on Earth. I gotta go to work.

– Ryan

Where’s the Snow!

Can’t wait to hit the slopes this year! Bring on the snow!

Who out there in our community is a winter sport aficionado? And what do you ride?


Rhode Island Isn’t In The Top Five States For Beer Consumption. Challenge Accepted.

“Preference and consumption of alcoholic beverages varies not only by person but by location. And the beer industry recently released figures outlining consumption by state. The top five states for beer consumption per capita are North Dakota, New Hampshire, Montana, South Dakota and Wisconsin, according to the Beer Institute, a trade organization. North Dakota drank about 45.8 gallons of beer per resident 21 and older last year, the institute said. Per capita figures do not include residents under 21 years old.” – YAHOO

This is unacceptable. My friends and I have spent the past 7 years of our life drinking 30 rack after 30 rack, and this is the respect we get? I have no qualms with New Hampshire. I went up there this past winter and there is literally nothing to do but snowboard and drink beer. But North Dakota? I can’t live with myself knowing that those scumbags in North Dakota drink more beer than me. Can’t do it. 45.8 gallons of beer doesn’t even seem like that much. I accept this challenge from North Dakota and I will defeat them. They are my Drago. Busch Light stock is about to go through the roof.

– Ryan

P.S. I got your back Rhode Island.


Life Lessons From Yoko Ono


It’s Friday. Let’s get yoked

“@yokoono: In winter the snow protected us, covering our pain. Now I hear ice cracking slowly in my brain.”

– Yoko should probably get this checked out. I’m no doctor, but hearing ice cracking slowly in your brain seems like one of the final stages of psychosis. I hate to disagree with the wise one, but being covered in snow seems like it would do more harm than good. After awhile our organs would shut down and then we would pass away. You have over 4 million followers, Yoko. Get your shit together

“@yokoono: Walk until your body feels like dancing. Then dance. You will find that you no more have difficulty in sleeping at night.”

– All these foolish doctors wasting millions of dollars on insomnia research. All these insomniacs polluting their bodies with pills to help them sleep at night. Should’ve listened to Yoko. Can’t sleep? Step 1: walk until you feel like dancing. Step 2: dance. I guarantee you’ll get the best sleep of your life. But remember, this is a two step process. You can’t just walk until you feel like dancing and stop. You won’t sleep. You may be asking yourself: “self, what if I just start dancing without walking first?” Sorry charlie, get ready for a restless night.

Another week in the books, two more lessons learned from Yoko Ono. Her knowledge is just like the sky: endless.

– Ryan

P.S. With advice like this, she should change her name to Yoko OhNo! right? Right? I need a drink.

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