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Music Monday : Nirvana


Nothing soothes my brain like a Nirvana playlist on a Monday morning. My album pick for today is ‘Nirvana Unplugged in New York’.  This is an incredible live album that features most of the bands top hits and a few you’ve never heard before.  It can be streamed for free on the desktop version of spotify, enjoy!


PS- The above song is a cover that Nirvana does incredibly well.  Another version of the song is done by Kid Cudi.  Check it out on his album “WZRD’. It is worth a listen.

Life Lessons From Yoko Ono


It’s Friday. Let’s get yoked

“@yokoono: In winter the snow protected us, covering our pain. Now I hear ice cracking slowly in my brain.”

– Yoko should probably get this checked out. I’m no doctor, but hearing ice cracking slowly in your brain seems like one of the final stages of psychosis. I hate to disagree with the wise one, but being covered in snow seems like it would do more harm than good. After awhile our organs would shut down and then we would pass away. You have over 4 million followers, Yoko. Get your shit together

“@yokoono: Walk until your body feels like dancing. Then dance. You will find that you no more have difficulty in sleeping at night.”

– All these foolish doctors wasting millions of dollars on insomnia research. All these insomniacs polluting their bodies with pills to help them sleep at night. Should’ve listened to Yoko. Can’t sleep? Step 1: walk until you feel like dancing. Step 2: dance. I guarantee you’ll get the best sleep of your life. But remember, this is a two step process. You can’t just walk until you feel like dancing and stop. You won’t sleep. You may be asking yourself: “self, what if I just start dancing without walking first?” Sorry charlie, get ready for a restless night.

Another week in the books, two more lessons learned from Yoko Ono. Her knowledge is just like the sky: endless.

– Ryan

P.S. With advice like this, she should change her name to Yoko OhNo! right? Right? I need a drink.

Top 5 Worst Things You Can Wake Up To

These are the worst thing your peepers can witness in the morning.


On the 7th day, while god rested his lazy ass, Satan created rain.” -Matt 3:16.  That’s a verse from the good book, right? Nothing takes the wind out of your sails more than waking up in the morning, taking a giant stretch and piss, and looking out the window to find that everything (and in a few minutes you) is soaking wet.  If you’re not sure what feeling i’m talking about take a second and think about what it feels like to wake up in the morning and see piles and piles of snow, and realizing that you have no work/school. Good feeling, right? Now think that exact opposite feeling and punch yourself in the face, that’s what rain does to me.

A Cold Shower

Sticking with the water hate, the next thing on my list is a cold shower.  Coming from someone who lives with two other dudes that love hot showers as much as me, this is a constant battle.  The number one thing that gets me to drag my ass out of bed in the morning is the thought that a few feet from me is paradise.  I walk to the bathroom, start the shower, tear my clothes off, and hop in. The water almost always starts as warm, this is the way the demon, that is my hot water heater, lures me in.  I lather up, and then BAM, ice cold water.  This gets me in a rage, the type of rage that is only curable by a hot water.  You can see why this is a horrific start to my day.

Exercise Infomercials

Most days I wake up to my TV as my alarm.  If I select the right channel this can be a pleasant surprise upon wakeup.  Since I’ve been doing this i’ve woken up to such gems as: Slap Shot, Ace Ventura, 2 Fast 2 Furious, and Varsity Blues.  A nice wakeup setlist.  But then there are THOSE mornings when I open my eyes to some ripped piece of trash yelling at me to keep my core tight.  As far as i’m concerned there should be a law banning exercise infomercials pre-10am.  Nothing on this earth makes me feel lazier than laying in my bed, with a possible hand down my pants, watching people do jumping jacks.  You’re not motivating me to buy your DVD, You’re motivating me to find out where you live.

You’re out of [insert your favorite breakfast food]

Honey Nut Cheerios is the king of cereals like Bud is the king of beers, and Nick Cage is the king of actors.  It has been a staple in my cabinet for years, if not decades.  Besides my hot shower this is the second thing on my list of 3 things that get me out of bed in the morning (the third is your mom….ZING) I am pretty absent-minded when it comes to groceries.  So for me to forget that i’m out of my favorite cereals happens more than I would like to admit.  Not having my Cheerios in the morning throws off my whole day, kinda like how not dressing like an asshole throws off Will Smith’s kid (Have you seen the way he dresses? He’s like the fresh prince of planet strange).

Someone video taping me

This is a true story and I would rather not talk about it.  Just lock your doors and don’t have creepy friends and you will be fine.


Honorable mentions

Your house is on fire, your leg is asleep, a fan falls on your head, you wake up in a tub..underwater (true story) and your didn’t plug in your phone and now it is dead.

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