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Monster Blog Wednesay: Favorite Fictional Hockey Players

The NHL season officially kicks off tod…and it’s locked out. Just kidding. The NHL season officially kicks off tonight, so we figured we’d pay tribute by adding a hockey wrinkle to our Monster Blog. The main problem with that is that we do not know many hockey players. What we do know, however, is movies. There have been some iconic hockey movies, and great characters that go along with them. Here our are favorite fictional hockey players. Oh, and Bruins in 6.

Ross “The Boss” Rhea

Goon was an incredibly underrated movie; a movie I expected to be all slapstick, dumb humor actually turned into a very good story. The movie is highlighted by the performances of Sean William Scott as Doug Glatt and Liev Schreiber as Ross “The Boss” Rhea. They are, as the title suggests, hockey goons: guys you put on your team not for goals and assists, but to protect the skill players and bash somebody’s skull in. When you combine Rhea’s fisticuffs skills with his beautiful handlebar mustache, you have yourself the perfect hockey character.

– Ryan

The Hanson Brothers

Not the blonde-haired boy band, actually very far from it. Ok, maybe it’s cheating to select the 3 Hanson Brothers as my “Favorite Fictional Hockey Player”, but I couldn’t resist. How do you pass up on these three ice skating psychopaths? You can’t. The video above is the definition of why they are my favorite. Laying the smack down before the national anthem even has a chance to get going. They happen to be the name of my fantasy hockey team this year as well.


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