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Welcome To The Busey Zone

I think we should have a a crazy competition between Yoko Ono and Gary Busey. Set up an obstacle course and have them each have a conversation with a random person for an hour. Whichever random person doesn’t lose their mind wins a house or something. I’d say at this very moment, Busey is crazier, mainly because he doesn’t just tweet nonsense, he makes videos. On this week’s video blog, the master of disaster is at it again. It’s one thing to just be absolutely insane, but it’s another thing to seek advice from someone who is absolutely insane. When I first got my dog and he was humping everything in sight, my first impulse was not to ask Gary Busey what to do. Are you feeling complacent in life? Write a letter to Gary Busey, but be warned, he’s going to tell you to go skydiving. Although he’s clearly losing his mind, I have to say I’ve grown to love the guy. All aboard the crazy train.

– Ryan


Skydiver Owns Ball Player

I can barely catch a pop fly as it is, the last thing I need is skydivers smashing into me while i’m playing right center. This has to be a planned attack, right? A trained skydiver* is supposed to have perfect control over his landing; no way he hits a guy with all that open real-estate in the outfield . This “skydiver” must have beat up the real skydiver, took his clothes and parachute, and did a rogue jump aiming for this defenseless ball player.  Some kind of James Bond shit if you ask me. I will never look at the skies the same way again while i’m playing softball.


PS – A Trained skydiver* looks like this:

PSS- I tried finding a picture of Tommy from the Power Rangers Movie with his sky board for this, but Google images let me down…again.

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