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Apple’s New Ad With Cookie Monster is a Smash Hit

We’ve all been in Cookie Monster’s shoes. You pop in a DiGiorno pizza, set the timer and try to pass the time by not thinking now about the hot, delicious pizza you are about to inhale. What seems like an eternity passes by and it’s actually only been 20 seconds. I get you Cookie, I get you. A+ Apple ad hitting me right where I live. 


P.S. – Whenever cooking instructions give you a range for cooking time i’m always picking the lower end. Ain’t nobody got time for that shit and I’m hungry. 


Spike Jonze’s “Her” Trailer

Is there anything Joaquin Phoenix can’t do? Her is a semi futuristic love story between a struggling writer (Phoenix) and his new at home computer operating system (voiced by Scarlett Johansson). Phoenix’s character is fresh off a break up, and he finds solace in the virtual company of his new “Siri” like computer system. If Scarlet Johansson’s voice kept me company after a bad breakup, I’d probably fall in love with it too. This is definitely a unique plot, but with Jonze at the helm, I’m excited for what it could be. Her hits theaters November 20th.

– Ryan

P.S. According to the Film Society of Lincoln Center, Her will be closing the NY Film Festival, which runs from September 27th-October 13th. Other films screening at the festival include Captain Phillips, the action thriller starring Tom Hanks and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, which we posted last week, starring Ben Stiller.

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