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Is WWE Intentionally Trying to Make Me Hate Cesaro With His New Entrance Song?

Let me guess this straght. You have the most polished guy in the ring outside of Daniel Bryan who’s had GREAT (not good) matches with NXT, Raw and Smackdown superstars over the last year. You pair that guy up with Paul Heyman because Paul Heyman is the wrestling Jesus. You give him a sweet ass sparkled jacket and a cool new nickname. And this is his entrance theme? Just a siren blaring followed by a guitar? I can’t think of a theme song that fits a guy’s personality less than this song fits Cesaro. You’re building him up to be this otherwordly strong man who still has the quickness and agility to stay with the smaller guys, yet you stick him with this entrance song. Maybe I’m crazy but when I think of that kind of ability a siren is the not the first thing that comes to mind. An entrance song in todays wrestling world is just as important as a wrestler’s in ring or promo work. When the music first hits, you want the people to either explode out of their seats or boo with tenacity, not huddle under their chairs because the Russians are bombing us. I really hope by next weeks Raw Cesaro has a new theme song, and we see another 100 rotation swing to make up for this peice of garbage.

– Ryan

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