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Trailer Alerts: #BasketsFX Season 3 & #SiliconValleyHBO Season 5

Now that we’re almost two weeks into 2018, we can start getting ready for TV premieres. December and January are usually hiatus months, but we can still look forward to the new season trailer’s. Two trailers were released today: Baskets season 3 and Silicon Valley season 5.

Baskets Season 3 Trailer

Baskets is one of my favorite shows on television. Through two seasons Zach Galifianakis and Louie Anderson have starred in the funny, oddly charming show about a rodeo clown dreamer and his family. If you think that’s an odd premise, you’re right, but the show is consistently great. Season 2 ended with Christine (Louie Anderson) purchasing the rodeo that Chip (Galifianakis) worked at, and season 3 seems to focus heavily on the aftermath. If it’s anything like the first two seasons, it’ll be quality television. Baskets season 3 premieres January 23rd.

Silicon Valley Season 5

The season 5 trailer for Silicon Valley doesn’t give us a whole lot to work with. What we do know is TJ Miller’s Erlich Bachman will not be in it, which should trigger some changes for the Pied Piper crew. The cast is deep and talented enough to pick up the slack, but season 4 was my least favorite. Most of that was because Richard was a douche (by design) so hopefully he goes back to his uncomfortably awkward self. I’m also a huge Gavin and Jared fan, so the more of them the better. Silicon Valley season 5 premieres March 25th.


038 T. J. Miller burns ALL the bridges and we dip into the Devil’s Purse

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Watch Conan get Smashed in Halo 5, Complements of Pied Piper.

Conan Gets Smashed in Halo 5 by The Cast of Silicon Valley in the Newest Edition of “Clueless Gamer”

I don’t think anything can beat Gronk and Beast Mode playing Mortal Combat, but this might be a close second. I’m not sure I would have taken Conan’s $500 bribe. That’s a selfish move by Tom Middleditch,


In Awesome TV News: ‘Silicon Valley’ Gets the Green Light for Season 2



The “bad boys” of Palo Alto are getting renewed for a second season! The new HBO comedy, “Silicon Valley”, airs after “Game of Thrones” Sunday nights and runs for 30 minutes. The story revolves around a newly created startup called Pied Piper, designed and coded by lead man, Richard (Thomas Middleditch). Thomas Middleditch, fills the unlikely hero role perfectly. He is unintentionally funny and surprises people when he needs to. The entrepreneurial spirit that this show brings forward makes it fun to watch Richard and Pied Piper develop as a human and application, respectively.

Glad to see it is going to be brought back!


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