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Tim Tebow Is An NFL Player Again & The Eagles QB Situation Is Frighteningly Awful

PrayReports that the Philadelphia Eagles are about to sign Tim Tebow raise a host of questions: How will Tebow fare after two years away from the game? What role does Coach Chip Kelly have in mind for him? Will he be embraced by the tough fans?

But the most conspicuous is this: Just how many quarterbacks do the Eagles need?

It is one thing to stockpile receivers or defensive backs. But teams can use only one quarterback at a time, and sometimes having even two candidates for starter can lead to a controversy that eats up a team. Now the Eagles have five quarterbacks, three of whom have started N.F.L. games.

But in another twist, precisely zero of the five could be considered proven, successful N.F.L. starters.


I’m not sure what Chip Kelly’s strategy is going to be here, but he seems to have dug himself quite a hole. I know he got Demarco Murray, but a quarterback depth chart with Sam Bradford, Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow is what opposing defenses call lunch time. Bradford’s been a bust due to injuries for his entire career, and there’s no reason to think he won’t just get hurt again when he plays for the Eagles. Mark Sanchez shows glimpses of promise last year, but anyone who is best known for a call played ‘the butt fumble’ isn’t exactly striking fear into the hearts of opponents. And the less said about Tim Tebow the better. Besides a guaranteed on air erection and subsequent firing of Skip Bayless, I can’t think of anything positive to say about this signing. There are some people in sports that just need to go away, and Tim Tebow is the driver of that bus. I don’t know how many times he can prove that he doesn’t belong in the NFL, but as long as ego maniacs like Belichick and Kelly exist, they’ll keep bringing him in to prove to themselves they can turn any player into a star. I pray to whatever Gods are out there that this will be the last time I hear Tim Tebow has signed with another team, but I have supreme confidence that this saga will never end.

– Ryan

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