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In Case Anyone Was Wondering What a Dolphin Having Sex With a Decapitated Fish Looks Like

Hey Dolphin, I have a problem with this. Is it really necessary to go King Henry VIII on that poor fish and then fuck its dead decaying body just to get your rocks off? I didn’t think so. This is a horrible way to treat your fellow sea creature. If you think your getting invited to Clown Fish Joe’s reef party next weekend you are sorely mistaken. You think Joe wants you coming into his humble abode and chopping peoples heads off and fucking their corpses? Of course not. Anyway,  I could talk about how fucked up this dolphin is all day, but lets throw some fingers elsewhere. How about the camera man and whoever edited this video. I know for damn sure this aquarium isn’t playing this 1970’s action TV show theme in there establishment. Nope, that had to be added in after. Probably by the same psychopath that is filming this dolphin tossing his meat in the first place. There is a time and place for everything, “now” and the “internet” are not it.


PS – Dolphins are sick fucks.

PSS – and people actually want to swim with these sex crazed lunatics while they are on vacation?! ARE YOU HIGH? I would be worried they would kill me and turn me into a flesh light. No thank you.

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