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Oh You Know Just Bill Murray Crashing A Couple’s Engagement Photo Shoot


If I had to bet on one couple making it, it would be these guys. When you have the pleasure of sharing one of life’s moments with Bill Murray, you embrace it. It could be a drink at the bar or your actual engagement photo shoot. Either way, the answer is always yes. There’s Bill Murray, Bill Paxton, George Clooney and then there’s everybody else.

– Ryan

Kate Upton Tearing Down The House as Usual

Kate just broke my computer screen. Keep being you, Kate. We all love it.



PS- Hey Kate, next time your in Rhode Island less get dinner. Verlander doesn’t need to know about it. You know where to find me. My apartment smells of rich mahogany.

Game of Thrones Starts Sunday: Here’s Natalie Dormer’s (Margaery) GQ Pics


Woof. Interesting haircut but Natalie Dormer doesn’t care what people think. She married the worst human being in history. I hate King Joffrey but seeing these pictures kind of makes me want to be him just a little bit. I’d chop peoples heads off if she told me to. No questions asked.

– Ryan

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