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Things Got Real During A Tag Team Match Featuring Shinsuke Nakamura & Austin Aries At An NXT Live Event

Austin Aries teamed with Samoa Joe to take on NXT Champion Shinsuke Nakamura & No Way Jose at a recent NXT live event in Fresno, California. During the match, Nakamura nailed Aries with a stiff kick, and the referee threw up an ‘X’, which is wrestling speak for the match is over. The kick looked rough, and the gruesome injury was confirmed by Aries on Twitter:


That is all kinds of awful. Nakamura is known for working stiff, but this was clearly accidental. Aries will no doubt be off live events for a while, and hopefully he’s healed up for before TakeOver on November 19th. He’s been a great addition to NXT, so here’s hoping he’ll have a speedy recovery. Also, if you’re wondering how Nakamura’s foot looked after that kick, Aries was kind enough to show us that as well:



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