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Shinsuke Nakamura & Tye Dillinger Debuted On #SDLive To Cap Off A Wild 4 Days For The #WWE

WrestleMania weekend and the ensuing Raw and Smackdown’s are always a wild time in the WWE, but this year might take the cake as one of the craziest. TakeOver Orlando and WrestleMania 33 were both great shows, and the WWE followed that up with a wonderful Raw and a great Smackdown. Kurt Angle is the new GM of Raw, the Hardy’s are Raw Tag Team Champions and The Revival are now part of the Raw Tag Division. Smackdown refused to be outdone by Raw, so they brought up Tye Dillinger and Shinsuke Nakamura on last night’s show. While it remains to be seen if any of the recent call ups will switch brands during the ‘superstar shakeup’ next week, it’s good to know that they’ll be on the main roster going forward. Of the three call ups, I think The Revival have the chance to have the biggest impact. While Dillinger and Nakamura will be fan favorites and most likely move a ton of merchandise, The Revival have a chance to revitalize the Tag Team Division, and change main roster tag matches for the better.


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