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Trailer Alert – Transformers The Last Knight

The Last Knight Trailer OUT OF NOWHERE!

All about this movie. ALL about it. I didn’t think I was going to make it after hearing that Shia wasn’t coming back for ‘Age of Extinction’, but Marky Mark turned out to be a suitable replacement in one of my favorite (fight me) franchises going right now. This trailer shows some old faces (from the first 3 movies) and some fresh faces, which is a nice way of tying all of the movies together. Could we maybe see a surprise appearance by Shia in this one? Not likely, unfortunately. But a man can dream.


PS – Here’s a trailer breakdown from Nerdist for a closer look.

Trailer Alert – American Honey

Ok, i’m not sure if this is a new movie, or just found footage of Shia LaBeouf’s life since in 2015.


All kidding aside, Shia LaBeouf looks awesome in this flick. I’ve been a big Shia fan since Even Stevens and noting has changed. Indiana Jones? Loved it (well…loved some of it). Transformers franchise? Own them on blu-ray and hate that they switched to Marky Mark. Disturbia?? Come on, if you don’t think Disturbia is a legitimate good movie then get the fuck off my blog. That shit was chilling and suspenseful as fuck.

This is one of those movies/movie trailers that twists my stomach. Guns, youngsters drinking and driving, cowboys in a convertible Cadillac?? Get the EKG machine, my heart rate is off the charts. All of it feels incredibly authentic, which brings me back to Shia. Dude looks like he’s on another level when it comes to acting. I recently read a story about how him and James Corden were asked to read for the movie War Dogs (Which ended up starring Miles Teller and Jonah “Fluctuating Weight” Hill). The night before they were set to read. Shia got picked up by police and spent the night in jail. Not letting that stop him, he showed up to the audition with his shoelaces in his hands (for those of you not familiar with prison, they take anything you can harm yourself with away from you) and read for the part with his shoelaces strung over his glasses. While the method was unorthodox, James Corden said it was the most incredible interview he’s ever seen. How someone with shoelaces over his eyes was able to stay razor focused. In short, i’m excited for the LaBeouf renaissance.


-Matt aka The Space Ghost

Music on a Tuesday – Elastic Heart

Shia LaBeouf wresting half naked in a giant bird cage? Get that happening in more music videos. Instant hit.


Shia LaBeouf Is Single Handedly Trying To Bring The Rat Tail Back & I Applaud His Courage


Here’s my take on Shia LaBeouf’s rat tail: this was a long, sophisticated plan. All of LaBeouf’s recent crazy behavior was all planned out so when he finally unleashed the rat tail on the world, the media would just chalk it up to another crazed move by a legitimate mad man. It’s genius, really. If Shia went out in public randomly with this rat tail without his crazy behavior preceding it then I think it would get universally hated on. But Shia’s hairstyle is the least craziest thing he’s done over the past few years. A rat tail is as normal as apple pie compared to getting thrown out of Broadway shows and fighting homeless people over food. I really can’t see the rat tail making a furious comeback, but if I had to pick one guy to lead the charge, it would be Shia LaBeouf, and if in a few years half the population is looking ratty, we will have Shia LaBeouf to thank.

– Ryan


Kristen Wiig Danced While Sia Stared At The Wall During Her Live ‘Chandelier’ Performance At Last Night’s Grammys

I’m getting a little fed up with Sia. It’s one thing to not want to appear in public, but it’s another thing to sign yourself up for live television performances that EVERYONE WATCHES. If you want to be an artist and a recluse, go for it. Let your freak flag fly. But showing up to SNL or the Grammys with a large, fake wig that conceals your face just irks me. If her plan is to irk people then she’s doing a superb job. If her secondary plan was to get Kristen Wiig on the Grammys to do an interpretive dance then she deserves some kind of gold model. My head says this was a choreographed, rehearsed dance, but my heart says that Sia brought Kristen Wiig in and let her go rogue. The live version of ‘Chandelier’ is a jam, and it was only enhanced by Kristen Wiig’s fantastic dancing.  If you told me five years ago we’d have a live version of a pop hit sung at the Grammys while the artist stares at a wall with her back to the audience I’d call you crazy, but that’s the world we live in now.

– Ryan

Shia Has Officially Gone Off The Deep End


Shia, what the HELL is that supposed to mean?

Comes back to us, Louis Stevens.


Shia LaBeouf Films Girl Vomiting, Gets His Ass Kicked


‘Transformers’ star Shia LaBeouf was reportedly beaten up in London after he filmed a girl vomiting on the street with his camera phone, according to The Sun.

The report claims the actor, currently in the UK filming Brad Pitt’s WW2 film ‘Fury’, was on a night out with a pal in Leicester Square when he stumbled upon two women – Ash Nawaz and her sister Isis – feeling worse-for-wear on the pavement.

The star began filming them on his phone, and when the ladies told him to leave them alone a stranger intervened. When LaBeouf started filming him too, the man punched him in the face and kicked him in the groin.” – Yahoo Movies


I’m not sure what part of this story jumps out at me, the fact that Shia got kicked in the nads or that he was filming a girl vomiting. Let me start by saying that neither surprise me. But really, Louis Stevens? Filming a chick when she is at her lowest? How could you possibly rationalize this? Yeah, girls puking all other themselves and being sloppy disasters is hilarious, but keep it in the mental vault. No need to go all Spielberg on the situation, that’s a no-win scenario.


PS- Clean it up LaBeouf. This is just sloppy.


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