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Fans Of ‘The Wire’ Rejoice: You Can Now Get Your Own Clay Davis Talking Bobblehead. SHEEEEE-IT

Do you love ‘The Wire’? Have you ever wanted your own Bobblehead of Clay Davis saying SHEEEE-IT? Well, now’s your chance, and all it takes is a $25 donation to his Kickstarter. I know I’m going to get one, so the only question is how much do you want one of those Bobbleheads? ‘The Wire’ is one of those shows with so many great characters, that some kind of get lost in the shuffle over time. Clay Davis is one of those characters. He was so conniving and selfish and greedy and wonderful that you forget how big of a part he played in the entire series. He was the perfect corrupt politician, and I can’t honestly say if Baltimore was better or worse for having him around. How about Marlo and Clay talking about moving product for old times sake? That deserves a big time SHEEEEE-IT.

– Ryan


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