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The Victoria’s Secret Model Lip Dub “Shake It Off”…..annnddd You’re Welcome

Taylor Swift meets the Angels…you’re welcome. Look for the yearly fashion show¬†TONIGHT!


No Song Has Ever Matched A Video Better Than ‘Shake It Off’ Matches This 1989 Aerobics Video

This has to be what Al Gore had in mind when he created the internet long ago. I don’t know if Taylor Swift saw this video before recording ‘Shake It Off’ and thought “I need to make a song that fits this” but every time I hear the song this is what I’m going to think of. On a slightly more depressing note, there’s no way I’d last more than 40 seconds doing these aerobics. This the most fast paced aerobic video I’ve ever seen and yes, I’ve seen my fair share of aerobics videos. There’s also a solid chance I don’t watch anything else for the next year and a half.

– Ryan

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