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If this Doesn’t Beat Ellen’s Selfie then I Don’t Know What to Believe Anymore


The boys are BACK.


Sellotape Selfies Are a Thing and I Don’t Know What Universe I Live in Anymore

SourceThe latest Facebook craze is to take a selfie after wrapping your head in clear packing tape. To us, this looks dangerous. We advise against it. However:

The #SELFIE song is dumb and stupid but compared to Sellotape Selfies it’s the goddamn greatest thing since sliced bread. I really don’t even want to write about this but I think the world needs to know that people like this exist. These are human beings that actually complete tasks in our society. If for whatever reason you want more of this follow @Sellotapeselfie

– Ryan

A Song and Music Video Called “#SELFIE” Exists

I was having such a good life not knowing about this. But this song just had to come on the radio this morning. And now I just hate everything about this world. The fact that people like this are going to be famous or make any semblance of money off of this piece of shit song is infuriating to me. We couldn’t find another guy with long hair to play an acoustic version of a love song on his sitar  and give him some airtime? At least he can play an instrument. This literally takes no talent at all and anyone who argues otherwise is wrong. When our civilization eventually collapses and a new species takes over, I really hope they’re still able to watch YouTube, because they need to see this. They need to see the downfall of the music industry, basic integrity and the human race. #SELFIE accomplishes all three. I don’t who or what the Chainsmokers are, but I hope they vanish into thin air. Thanks for ruining my life assholes.

– Ryan

P.S. The Hoff went down about 5 million pegs in my book. I’d rather see him hate eating a cheeseburger off the floor than watch him in this video.

Poll: Stupidest or Most Awesome Selfie of All Time?


Personally I love this guys dedication to his selfie game. No hell, high water, or bull is going to stop him from getting this selfie. The only way I could respect this more is if he uploaded it to Instagram while running. #RunForrest

But what do you think?



U-Funny-Selfie (1)


PS- 1476435_696521683691739_1979344716_n

Obama Taking a Selfie with PM David Cameron is Top News on USA Today…


“Oh-M-Gee, you guys! Let’s take a selfie!”


PS – This was at Nelson Mandela’s memorial service.

PSS- Michelle couldn’t care less about selfies.

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