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Trailer Alert: Orange is the New Black Season 5

The last time we saw the inmates of Litchfield Penitentiary they were reeling over the “accidental” death of Poussey Washington, one of the best and most versatile characters on the show. I put the word accidental in quotes because while her death wasn’t a purposeful act, it was easily preventable. Warden Caputo and Officer Piscatella had been escalating tensions all season, and the death of their beloved Poussey at the hands (or knee) of Piscatella was the last straw. Season four ended with the inmates revolting against the people in charge, and judging by the season five trailer above, it picks up right where four left off. Will the women of Litchfield finally come together as one and force change or will Poussey die in vain? I can’t wait to find out.

Season five starts streaming on June 9th.


Boyce Avenue Acoustically Covered ‘The Game Of Thrones’ Theme Ahead Of The Season 5 Premiere

It shouldn’t be a surprise that Boyce Avenue put out a fantastic cover song, but this is definitely a different style for them. Usually they cover songs acoustically and then let their voices serenade you into paradise. The only problem with that strategy is that the Game of Thrones theme doesn’t have any lyrics, so Boyce Avenue just goes ahead and kills it anyway. Game of Thrones season 5 starts this Sunday, and while this cover doesn’t get me revved me up for some medieval killing, it’s a perfect analogy of the calm before the storm.

– Ryan

HBO Released Another Trailer For Season 5 Of Game Of Thrones & I Don’t Know How Much Longer I Can Wait

As far as GOT trailers go, this one is pretty standard, but a standard GOT trailer is better than 99% of other television shows, so this is pretty exciting. A lot of familiar faces pop up in this trailer, and hopefully Daenerys finds a home soon because I don’t know how much longer I can watch her aimlessly traveling around. Also, her dragons got BIG. GOT premieres April 12th, which at this point feels like a million miles away.

– Ryan

The ‘Game Of Thrones’ YouTube Page Has Released A Teaser Trailer For Their Half Hour Special Previewing Season 5

For those who don’t know, HBO is airing a half hour special that will preview season 5 of ‘Game of Thrones’, as well as give fans behind the scenes access to the incredible amount of work that goes into producing this show. For season 5, Game of Thrones will be filmed in three different countries, and will require hundreds of extras in addition to it’s already loaded cast and crew. If there is one show on TV that I’d like to take a sneak peak behind the scenes at, it would absolutely be  Game of Thrones. The sets, the stories and the actors are all fascinating and are what make this show such a huge success. The half hour special is scheduled to air Sunday, February 8th.

– Ryan

Hold On To Your Trousers: Game of Thrones Is Already Throwing Out Teasers For Season 5

You know what’s awesome? TV shows that find creative ways to get you hyped up for the new season. HBO could literally do nothing between now and March and I’d be unbelievably excited for season 5. Thankfully they did not take my advice, and they have already begun leaking teasers for the new season, but it’s different than previous years. Instead of taking the boring old 30 second YouTube teaser route, they’ve created a website,, and somehow made me even more excited for March while simultaneously haunting my dreams with that picture of a raven. If you don’t already, follow @GameOfThrones on Twitter and gain the power of the sight. Do it!

– Ryan


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