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A Major Character Was Killed Off On The Mid Season Finale Of ‘The Walking Dead’



Poor Beth. Of all the characters who had the possibility of dying last night from the original cast, I’m glad Beth was the one to go, but this one still stings a bit. She came full circle as a character, even down to her final words, as she finally understood what the zombie apocalypse has turned people into: selfish, self serving creatures. Dawn’s decision making as the law of the hospital was meant to instill fear into the cops and patients alike. While she tried to justify it as trying to get her peers to respect her to Beth, it was clear that fear was her main objective. When Dawn tried to take back Noah, it seemed like something clicked in Beth’s head, and she just couldn’t take it anymore. We’ll obviously never know, but it seemed like Beth brought the scissors with her knowing it’d be a suicide mission, and she was right. What remains to be seen are the emotional ripples that will flow through the group, especially Maggie and Daryl, now that another one of their own has been killed. I’ve always felt that the people killed by other people have a greater emotional impact on the survivors than those killed by the walkers. Getting attacked by a zombie in the zombie apocalypse is expected, but getting your head blown off by a cop isn’t. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until February to see what comes next. Will Morgan finally meet up with Rick? What purpose does Eugene serve now? How will Beth’s death affect the group? Where do they now that the church is no longer a safe haven? SO MANY QUESTIONS. February can’t come soon enough.

– Ryan

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