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Stranger Things Renewed For Season 3 With A Confirmed Time Jump

Stranger Things Renewed For Season 3

Netflix is returning to the Upside Down.

The streaming giant has renewed the Duffer brothers’ breakout hit Stranger Things for a third season. A return date has not yet been determined for the supernatural drama about the happenings brimming beneath the surface of a small American town.

While Netflix — like fellow streamers Amazon and Hulu — does not release viewership information, measurement leader Nielsen cited an audience of 15.8 million viewers who watched the season two premiere within three days of its launch. (And nearly 11 million of them were among the key adults 18-49 demographic.)

Nielsen also found that 361,000 Netflix subscribers streamed the entire nine-episode second season within 24 hours of its debut. (Netflix declined comment on the Nielsen findings.) Stranger Things 2 also was crowned the most popular show in the country, according to data company Parrot Analytics. – Hollywood Reporter

This was always a given, but Stranger Things has been renewed by Netflix for a third season. Similar to Mindhunter’s renewal, you knew it was coming, but it’s still nice to have confirmation. As the Hollywood Reporter article mentions, Stranger Things is an enormous hit bordering on a phenomenon. 361,000 people streamed the second season within 24 hours, which is kind of amazing. I watched it all in the same week, but doing that much damage in a 24 hour period is borderline psychotic.

The biggest issue with shows featuring such a young cast is how certain cast member will age between seasons. It seems the Duffer Brothers are solving that problem by featuring a time jump. When asked where season 3 would pick up, they responded “You can’t start right after season two ended. It forces you to do a time jump. But what I like is that it makes you evolve the show. It forces the show to evolve and change, because the kids are changing”. It’ll be interesting to see how far of a time jump they utilize and how much of the friendships from season 2 are still featured. If Steve and Dustin aren’t the best friends in the universe, I’m officially rooting for the Mind Flayer.



Trailer Alert – #MrRobot Season 3.0 (NEW)

Mr. Robot is one of the most fascinating and intense shows on TV, and one of my favorite parts about the show is that you sometimes don’t know if what you’re watching is real or some type of dream sequence. After all, the main character has a hallucinated alter ego who happens to be his dead father, so there’s going to be some confusion once in awhile. That’s what makes the trailers so insane, because a lot of what we’re seeing might not actually be happening this season, but for the time being we have to take what we’re watching at face value. Needless to say, there is a shit ton happening. Season 3 premieres October 11.


Trailer Alert – Orange Is The New Black Season 3 Is Almost Here!

In a little over a month, season 3 of Orange is the New Black will be on Netflix and all will be right with the world again. The greatest trick Netflix ever pulled was getting people addicted to binge watching TV shows, because now that they’ve created their own shows, there’s a buzz surrounding new seasons that is unmatched on basic or premium cable. As much as I love shows like ‘The Walking Dead’ and ‘Game of Thrones’, they’re a multi month commitment. You can go weeks (or months) between really great episodes, and sometimes waiting that long for a pay off gives you just enough cynicism to not appreciate it when it happens. But in the cases of shows like ‘House of Cards’, ‘Bloodlines’ and ‘Orange is the New Black’, if you’re insane enough, you can bang out a whole season in a weekend. OITNB is my favorite Netflix original  because it blends comedy and drama so well. A show about a woman who lost it all and ended up in prison shouldn’t be funny, but the cast and writing is so great it’s impossible not to laugh at it sometimes. Season 3 premiers June 12th.

– Ryan

Trailer Alert – Orange is the New Black Season 3

The ladies of Litchfield are back for a whole new season! I have been so excited for this since the moment I  finished seasons one and two. Best thing about Netflix shows? I can watch them all at once. Binge time!


Get Ready For Season 3 Of House of Cards With Their Newest Teaser Trailer

House of Cards season 3 premiers this Friday, so Netflix reached into their wallets and premiered it’s newest teaser trailer during last night’s Oscars broadcast. There’s not much new to add from previous trailers, except the fact that the First Lady and myself now have something in common: we both use rowing machines. Other than that useless tidbit, it’s just another day at the office for Frank Underwood. But what makes a day at the office for Frank Underwood so much fun to watch is that it’s chock full of MURDER and DECEPTION. I can’t wait to binge watch this gem of a show again.

– Ryan

Nose, Vagina, Butthole: ‘Broad City’ Has Been Renewed For A Third Season

WOOFAhead of tonight’s Season 2 premiere of Broad City, Comedy Central said today that it wants more. The cable net has ordered a third season of the odd-couple comedy created by and starring Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer, based on their digital series. They play flawed and broke twentysomethings in New York who navigate their way through life’s minutiae and constantly meet the challenges the Big City throws at them, no matter how bad it gets. Hannibal Buress, Arturo Castro, Paul Downs, John Gemberling, Chris Gethard and Stephen Schneider co-star. “It has just been brought to my attention that Broad City is a female-centric show, but we’re going to do more anyway,” said Kent Alterman, Comedy Central’s President of Content Development and Original Programming.

happy animated GIF

Comedy Central coming in HOTT on hump day to announce some wonderful news. If you don’t watch Broad City, you should, and I’ve already written at length about my love for the two main characters, Abbi and Ilana. Whenever a show gets picked up for a third season before the second season even premieres, it’s a good sign that the network has a lot of faith in the show. The show is edgy, insane, and makes you want the kind of friendship Abbi and Ilana have more than any other friendship you’ve ever experienced. Do yourself a favor and check out the second season premiere tonight, unless you don’t like happiness. If you don’t like happiness you probably won’t enjoy this show.

– Ryan

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