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I Discovered Baby Goats Screaming Videos on YouTube and Now I Don’t Ever Want to Do Anything Else But Watch Them

Are other people aware that baby goats scream like humans? I have to think they’re not because I would hope someone would have brought this to my attention if they were aware of this phenomenon. I was shown this video last night and now all I want to do is watch videos of baby goats scream like human beings. I was 99% of the way to calling out of work and just eating sunflower seeds all day and watching these videos. That’s my new life goal: be a baby goat aficionado. Dream big, Ryan. Dream big.

– Ryan

Philip Rivers is a GUNSLINGER

p rivs copy

I’ve said it before, and I will scream 1,000 more times from the top of the Sears tower if I have to.  Philip Rivers is a, old fashion, gunslinger! Now, don’t get it confused, i’m not talking about his high level of on-the-field play. Nope. What i’m talking about is the aura that he puts out. Bolo tie during post-game? Check. Speaking with a certain recklessness? Check. Primal screams after a big playoff win? Big ol’ CHECK. Guy loves football, and football loves him back.


Peyton and Co. better watch out because the GUNSLINGER is coming to town!

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