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Aaron Paul Is Having a ‘Breaking Bad’ Scavenger Hunt in LA Before Monday’s Emmy Awards Because He Is a Sweet, Beautiful Prince

BBAaron Paul will hide “Breaking Bad” memorabilia around Los Angeles on Monday ahead of that evening’s Emmy Awards, the show’s star announced Wednesday evening on Instagram.

“There will be signed Breaking Bad scripts, posters, dolls, action figures and some really cool Breaking Bad art hidden all over the Hollywood area,” the actor, who portrayed Jesse Pinkman in the hit show, wrote. “Just wanted to do a little something to say ‘Thank You’ to everyone that has supported us thru out the years. We couldn’t have done it without you!”

Every time I see a story about Bryan Cranston or Aaron Paul or Breaking Bad it makes my heart sing. Per usual, this is awesome, because pretty much everything Aaron Paul does is awesome. Oh the Emmy awards are coming up? I’ll just make every Breaking Bad fans day and have a scavenger hunt in LA with signed memorabilia from the show. Every other nominee will just show up in their dress/tux and go through the motions. Not Aaron Paul. I’ve never seen someone more grateful for their success and I’ve never loved anyone more for it. Scavenger hunt, bitch!

– Ryan

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