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Octavia Spencer & Scarlett Johansson Will Be The Next Two Hosts Of #SNL



This will be Octavia Spencer’s first time hosting the show while Ms. Johansson will be the latest inductee into the ‘Five Timers Club’. Spencer is vying for 2nd Oscar win this Sunday as she was nominated for her role in Hidden Figures, so win or lose, this is perfect timing for her to join in on the Trump jokes. Scarlett will presumably be there to promote her new movie Ghost in the Shell (which premiers March 31st) but I think I speak for everyone when I say she could be there promoting my grandfather’s funeral and I’d still be happy to see her. Joining both of the talented actresses on the 8H stage are Father John Misty and Lorde, respectively.


SNL Has Announced The Last Three Hosts For Season 40 & They’re All Spectacular

Season 40 of SNL is coming to a close, but not before three more action packed episodes starting next Saturday. Scarlett Johansson, Reese Witherspoon and Louis CK will close out the season, with Wiz Khalifa, Florence & The Machine and Rihanna paired up as the musical guests. CK is always wonderful on SNL, and Johansson and Witherspoon are that perfect combination of star power with the ability to get a little bit weird for a laugh. The SNL crew has had a few weeks off, so hopefully they come out swinging for the fences starting next Saturday. If we don’t get an encore edition of Louis as Abraham Lincoln in the season finale I might burn my house down.

– Ryan

John Travolta Was A Man Possessed At Last Night’s Oscars



Hell hath no fury like John Travolta wanting to kiss or stare at someone. He was an absolute animal last night, both on the red carpet before the awards show and in the crowd during the ceremony. When he wasn’t grabbing Scarlett Johansson by the waist or squeezing poor Idina Menzel’s face, he was staring a meteor sized hole into the back of Benedict Cumberbatch’s head that made me feel very awkward, and I was only watching in on TV. Poor Idina Menzel. She does a song fot a popular movie and now John Travolta just refuses to leave her alone. Mispronouncing her name, squeezing her face; when will it end!? It’s almost as if he didn’t realize where he was. You were at the Oscars, John. There are cameras everywhere. You can’t just start grabbing every woman you see on the red carpet like some kind of touchy feely monster. Or maybe he just doesn’t care? Maybe Travolta is at the stage of his life where he just doesn’t give a shit. He’s going to show up at award shows and just be as insane possible. It’s not the greatest idea, but I don’t hate it either.

– Ryan

Spike Jonze’s “Her” Trailer

Is there anything Joaquin Phoenix can’t do? Her is a semi futuristic love story between a struggling writer (Phoenix) and his new at home computer operating system (voiced by Scarlett Johansson). Phoenix’s character is fresh off a break up, and he finds solace in the virtual company of his new “Siri” like computer system. If Scarlet Johansson’s voice kept me company after a bad breakup, I’d probably fall in love with it too. This is definitely a unique plot, but with Jonze at the helm, I’m excited for what it could be. Her hits theaters November 20th.

– Ryan

P.S. According to the Film Society of Lincoln Center, Her will be closing the NY Film Festival, which runs from September 27th-October 13th. Other films screening at the festival include Captain Phillips, the action thriller starring Tom Hanks and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, which we posted last week, starring Ben Stiller.

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