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Sarah Silverman’s SNL Promos Will Make You Wish It Was Saturday Night For Various Reasons

Chris Pratt did a charmingly stellar job as host of the season premiere, and the cast looked a lot more comfortable than they did last year. Last week wasn’t a perfect episode, but I’m not sure that’s what SNL is going for. I like how Beck Bennett and Kyle Mooney’s odd sketch got on the air, because if there’s thing the current cast has going for it, it’s comic diversity. Hopefully they got their NFL satire out of their system, as there are so many more news stories they can run with. Having former cast member and first time host Sarah Silverman helming the show this week can only help. Let the weirdness begin!

– Ryan

*Update* Chris Pratt & Sarah Silverman Will Host the First Two Episodes of SNL This Season

SNL starting season 40 off with a bang, and a refreshing bang for that matter. Chris Pratt has never hosted SNL, and Sarah Silverman hasn’t been on the show since she was a cast member in 1994. As much as the recurring hosts, such as Paul Rudd or John Hamm, are always great, it’s also nice to see some fresh faces in there. If every sketch from the first episode is just Chris Pratt and Bobby Moynihan hunting each other I will not be upset.

– Ryan

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