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So Warren Sapp is a Jackass

BOYWarren Sapp was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct on Tuesday.

The Hall of Fame defensive tackle was outed on Twitter for not leaving a tip for a 26-year-old waitress after watching the U.S. vs. Belgium World Cup game at Upper Deck Sports Bar and Grill in Miami.

The bill cost $69.39, but Sapp wrote on it “boys don’t tip,” after the waitress called Sapp and his friend “boys.”

Sapp defended his actions on Twitter, also adding that the service was indeed poor.

“She kept calling us boys so the tip Fit!” Sapp tweeted.

“I left it was horrible and the service was the worst,” he added.

The waitress, who is only going by Corey, spoke with WINZ-AM in Miami to give her side of the story.

“I walked over to his table. It was him and one other guy and I said, ‘Hey boys, what I can I get you to drink?’ And he was like ‘We’re not boys. I’m a man,'” Corey told the radio station. “I mean, saying ‘Hey men, what do you want to drink?’ sounds kind of weird, I think. I go with ‘boys’ a lot. It sounds more youthful.”

Corey added she did not think calling them “boys” was offensive.

“It’d just be [like] if I went up to a table of girls, I’d say ‘hey girls’–or ‘hey ladies.’”


I think it’s time to face the music, Warren. You weren’t mad this waitress called you and your friend “boys”. You weren’t mad at the service. You’re broke. You’ve been broke. Yet you still want to go out and have some beers and spend money like an ex NFL player should, except you’re an idiot and don’t have any money left. Usually when waitresses or whoever put receipts online it’s unnecessary, but I’m glad this got out. Warren Sapp had all this “swag” when he was a player and exudes the same “confidence” as an analyst. I call false bravado if you can’t tip a waitress on a $60 check. I think it’s time for Warren to go “college kid”: ramen noodles, cold pasta and hot pockets. At least then he’d be putting his money where his mouth is.

– Ryan

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