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San Jose PD Used A Robot To Deliver A Pizza To Talk A Man Out Of Killing Himself

Pizza—in all of its deeply-beloved, circular, iconic, cheesy, perfect-in-every-way glory—is the key to (almost) anyone’s heart. We love it, we eat it all the time, we worship its creation, we can’t say no to it. And apparently, that principle applies even when you’re quite literally teetering on the precipice of imminent suicide.

Police are only human. They have their fair share of problems, certainly, but they also share the same needs and desires as the rest of us. Which is why last week, when a man in San Jose, CA was threatening to throw himself from an overpass onto the freeway in a suicidal exhibition, the cops busted out the best idea they could think of: sending a robot to bring the man some pizza.


I think an awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize is in order. What progressive thinkers we have over at the San Jose Police Department! We need to take this story and learn from it, build from it, evolve from it. Is Barrack overseas doing peace negotiations with North Korea? Bring a pizza and have Kim Jong Un swooning. Dealing with inner-city gangs? Send a few pies their way and I guarantee they will trade their knives and gats for cheese and peps. As a society we need to realize that the healing powers of the magic circle of dough and sauce is a real thing. So that you all know that I am truly committed to the pizza movement, I will only be eating Papa Johns for the rest of my life.


Hideo Itami Will Represent NXT In The Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal At Wrestlemania 31

The former KENTA will now be the first out of the current crop of NXT talents to have his WrestleMania opponent, and there really wasn’t a bad choice in the bunch. NXT is full of guys who are already main roster ready, and Neville, Breeze and Balor will up on Raw in no time. I have to imagine Itami will get a mini showcase in the Battle Royal, and while he may not win it, this is probably the first time he’s wrestled in front of 70,000+ people and it will be a night he’ll never forget. Best of luck to Itami and the rest of the guys on the card. Sunday should be a special night.

– Ryan

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