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Comic-Con Wrap Up: If You Ask Bryan Cranston A Question, His Answer Might Include Having Sex With Your Mother

This kid thought he was going to have his shining moment, asking Bryan Cranston a question at Comic-Con. While it was a pretty poor question, I can honestly say I did not expect that answer. Albuquerque, New Mexico isn’t exactly Barcelona, Spain, so I’m not sure what Bryan Cranston was supposed to say here. If I had any advice for that kid, it’d be to get really drunk, walk two hours back to your friends apartment and then silently and awkwardly approach Bryan Cranston. That’s how you become best friends.


– Ryan

Comic-Con Wrap Up – ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6 Trailer

My favorite part of comic-con, hands down, is the release of all the movie and television trailers. The panels are great and all, but nothing beats a kick ass movie trailer, or in this case, a 4 minute trailer for the new season of ‘The Walking Dead’. Season 5 ended on a killer note (get it) and season 6 should feature a lot of infighting, as well as possibly the group’s biggest non-walker threat to date. I’ve never read the comics, but I know a lot of people who have, so it’s the best of both worlds. I’m able to get some insight on things we don’t know about, but it’s not a 100% spoiler. I have a feeling this new season is going to be a game changer, and I think more than one of the group’s beloved members won’t survive to see season 7. Also, how many band aids does Rick really need on his face? Seems a little overboard to me. Season 6 premieres on October 11th.

– Ryan

Comic-Con Wrap Up – Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice Trailer

The long awaited trailer for the Batman v. Superman movie is finally here, and it does not disappoint. You’re still going to have people hating on Ben Affleck as Batman, but I’m in the minority of adopting the wait and see approach. If he sucks, he sucks, but there’s no use going into the movie with a negative review already written in your head. Plus, if this trailer is any indication, this is much more a movie about Superman and his friends/family/colleagues than it is about Batman. I’ve had trouble with Superman movies because it’s really hard to take any of his enemies seriously. Superman is the most over powered super hero. He can fly, he’s got super strength, he can shoot lasers out of his eyeballs. I’m supposed to believe weird hair Jesse Eisenberg can defeat a guy who shoots lasers out of his eyes? We’ll have to wait a year to see, but I can’t wait for the battle.

– Ryan

Conan O’Brien’s ‘Mad Max’ Entrance To His Show From San Diego Comic Con Was Glorious

Conan, Andy and the Basic Cable Band went on a little road trip to San Diego for the annual Comic Con, and they arrived in style. Mad Max style, to be more specific. I still haven’t seen the movie, but I’ve watched the trailers enough (approximately 1500 times) to know that this was pretty spot on. Conan playing the flaming guitar, Andy driving the hell on wheel mobile and the band playing the war drums were all awesome. I’ve never seen Conan live, but I have to believe he puts on a hell of a show, or else he wouldn’t be going on three decades as a host. He may not get all the fan fare of a Jimmy Fallon or soon to be Late Night host Stephen Colbert, but Conan is still delivering after all these years.

– Ryan

Comic-Con Wrap Up – Tom Hardy is Mad Max in ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ & Holy Shit This Movie Looks Awesome

Tom Hardy is a monster, in the greatest sense of that word. I loved him in Bronson. I loved him in Inception. I loved him in The Dark Knight Rises. He was put on this earth to break women’s hearts and be a badass, both of which are very possible in the Mad Max reboot. Tom Hardy will play a prequel version of Mad Max, who was originally played the Mel Gibson in the 1980s trilogy. Creator George Miller had this to say about Gibson, but he might as well be talking about the character as well:

“They have that eternal tension,” Miller said, referring to Gibson’s charisma. ” On one hand they are entirely lovable and accessible. And on the other there is that element of danger … It applies to every charismatic person.” – THR

Add in Hardy’s acting chops with this self proclaimed “Western on wheels”, and you have one hell of a fun ride. May 2015 can’t come soon enough.


The Chargers Are Playing Tonight? Fire Up the Governator!

If Peyton Manning thinks he can beat the Chargers tonight he has another thing coming. When Arnold says GO, the Chargers GO. Better luck next year five head.

– Ryan

Philip Rivers Playing Catch With His Kid is Pulling at My Heartstrings


Here is a picture of Philip Rivers playing catch with his son, Peter, after beating the Cowboys last Sunday. 

Philip Rivers is having one of the best seasons of his career thus far. Maybe due to the fact that his son is giving him some pointers.


Twitter News Weekly – Vol 2

-MattyV & Ryanfoges