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Trailer Alert: The Walking Dead Season 8 #SDCC

Don’t start your weekend just yet!

To call season 7 of The Walking Dead disappointing would be an understatement. They introduced the novel’s best villain but outside of the season premiere featuring the death of Glenn and Abraham, the season felt flat. Negan turned into a cornball with his catch phrases and it felt like the show runners missed out on a layup opportunity to kick the show into high gear. Hopefully they learned their lesson, and if this Comic Con trailer is an indication for what’s to come in season 8, it looks like a whole lot of action.

Rick and Maggie are the clear leaders of their respective groups, while Negan still rules with a wooden barb wired baseball bat. This season needs to feature less planning and more fighting, as I don’t think audiences are going to want to see sit through another season of setup without a juicy payoff. Unfortunately the trash people and their idiotic language are back, but outside of that things look as crazy as ever.

The final 30 seconds or so of the trailer is filmed in a hazy, dreamlike fashion, and I think they’re playing off a fan theory that states that everything that’s happening is a flashback that old man Rick is having after the apocalypse has been resolved. Hell of a foreshadow, and something I definitely wasn’t expecting. Season 8 premieres October 22.


All Hell is Breaking Loose in the Season 5 Trailer For ‘The Walking Dead’

Everyone’s favorite zombie killers look to be in a wee bit of trouble in the trailer for season 5 of ‘The Walking Dead’. Rick is defiant and angry (shocking), but a lot of the trailer shows the original inhabitants of Terminus having the upper hand on Rick & Co. I’ve been told from friends that read the graphic novels that there’s a villain who gets the upper hand on the group that is actually impossible to portray on television, because he is so horrible. I hope the showrunners at least try, because I want all out war in season 5. CARRRRLLLL!

– Ryan

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