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Monster Blog – Fantasy Bands

Everyone has their favorite musicians. Some come from very different genres of music and would never cross vocal or musical sound waves, but what if, for one day, you could have those musicians and singers combine for one mega show? That is what we did on this week’s Monster Blog. Here we go!

The Dementors

the dementors

This was probably a combination of the easiest decisions I’ve ever had to make. Sam Smith on the vocals is a no brainer. I just saw him at MSG and he has the voice of an angel wrapped inside another angel. Prince on the guitar is a bit of a wildcard and keeps everyone on their toes, plus if we ever need backup vocals we have PRINCE. Louie Armstrong on the trumpet instead of a bass player because if your band doesn’t have a trumpet I’m not sure what the point is. Keith Moon on the drums because someone needs to party with the band manager, The Iron Sheik. Since Sam Smith is the vocalist, the band would have a soulful blues type of sound, but with Louie on the trumpet we can get really weird when we need to. Maybe record a song or two with Sam, Louie and Prince on vocals? Dabble in this, dabble in that. I honestly just really want to hear The Iron Sheik call everyone he comes into contact with a ‘raisin dick’.

– Ryan

Freddy’s Crew

Freddy's crew

Let me start by saying that no matter what hypothetical situation we did for this week’s monster blog I was going to pick Freddy Mercury. I have been on a mega Queen kick for approximately the last 22 years so The mustachio melody maker was a no brainer. For my drummer the man from Rush and arguably greatest drummer of all-time, Neil Peart, was a solid choice. On Bass I selected the man who single handedly changed the 4 stringed axe, Les Claypool. If you have ever listened to the band Primus then you know how crucial the bass was to their sound. For lead guitar I went with the guy I idolized growing up, Joe Perry. Aerosmith was and still is my favorite rock and roll band, so the man behind the vocals and solos from ‘Mama Kim’ was obviously my selection. And to manage this squad of talented gentlemen? Artie Lange. Sure, he may be unstable and on the verge of a heart attack, but nobody would get us more money per venue than him. This band is built for one thing, and one thing only…classic rock covers. Cover bands are so hot right now!


Ryan’s Music Monday: Sam Smith – Life Support

I went to see Sam Smith on Thursday night at Madison Square Garden, and good Lord can that son of a bitch sing. He only has one album out, so the set was shorter than most acts that play the Garden, but anyone worried about his voice translating to a live crowd should go check him out. Top notch performer.

– Ryan

Music Monday – Stay With Me (1940s Big Band Cover)

Sam Smith is one of those artists that are so good you never think anyone else could cover their song and it would sound better. The Big Band cover of ‘Stay With Me’ may not be better than the original, but it’s an awesome cover version. ‘Stay With Me’ is slower and soulful, while this cover just gets me all jazzed up (no pun intended). ‘Stay With Me’ is just the tip of the iceberg, as they do a ton of vintage covers on modern day songs. You can check them out here.

– Ryan

Sam Smith is Coming to Madison Square Garden in 2015 to Soothe My Aching Heart


I have no problem admitting I have a slight obsession with Sam Smith. Have I listened to the acoustic version of ‘Latch’ over 250 times? Maybe, maybe not, maybe go fuck yourself. All I know is I’m going to his show at Madison Square Garden and he better bring extra security for that show. I need to hear the Whitney Houston cover of ‘How Will I Know’ during the encore. I need it.

– Ryan

What’s That? You Wanted a 1940’s Old Hollywood Cover of Sam Smith’s ‘Stay With Me’? You Got It

I’m as hard as a diamond in an ice storm right now. If you don’t like this cover then you’re probably just an old geezer who needs a good lickin’. Sorry I’ve been looking up 1940s slang all day. Enjoy the music.

– Ryan

Sam Smith Covered Tracy Chapman’s ‘Fast Car’ & I May Never Listen to Another Song Again

I know we joke around a lot on this site but I am completely serious when I say I may never listen to another song again. Sam Smith was put on this Earth to sing live music, and now that he’s covered one of my favorite songs, I’m not sure where to go from here. I hope Sam Smith is ready to break the all time views record on YouTube because Ryan’s about to put it into over drive.

– Ryan

Vin Diesel Covered Sam Smith’s ‘Stay With Me’ During a Recent Interview & It’s…Something

First Rihanna, now Sam Smith. Vin Diesel is a regular cover song prodigy. This isn’t great, but when you sign up for listening to Vin Diesel sing anything you kind of have to expect the worst. I’m just surprised he goes after songs that involve the singer to have a wide vocal range. But I guess someone who decided to star in ‘The Pacifier’ is the definition of unpredictable. Enjoy?

– Ryan

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