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OH GOOD – Russia Has Lost Control Of It’s Unmanned Spacecraft & It’s Plunging Back Towards Earth

Damn itMoscow (AFP) – Russia said Wednesday it had lost control of an unmanned spacecraft taking supplies to the International Space Station and it is plunging back to Earth but is likely to burn up in the atmosphere.

The loss of the Progress supply ship, a Soviet design known for its reliability, is the latest embarrassment for Russia’s space programme that has been recently hit by a series of mishaps.

Grim-faced officials from the Russian space agency told a hastily arranged news conference that the capsule had been lost.

“Most likely it is some sort of unforeseen situation related to the separation of the ship from the carrier,” Alexander Ivanov, deputy chief of the Roscosmos state agency, told reporters.

“It is impossible to say now who is guilty and of what.”

Roscosmos chief Igor Komarov said the vessel’s debris is likely to burn up in the atmosphere, estimating the cost of the launch and the spacecraft at nearly 2.6 billion rubles ($50.8 million).


Well hopefully this god damn spacecraft burns up in the atmosphere or else Russia is in a heap of trouble. This is the scary part of space. We send an unmanned ship millions of miles away and hope for the best that everything goes smoothly. We don’t know what’s up there, or who’s up there. Maybe an alien did this. Maybe there’s an entire army of space creatures sabotaging human space missions. I’m all for NASA and other space agencies getting shit done, but space scares the shit out of me. The shit literally just flies right out. $51 million not exactly well spent.

– Ryan

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