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Weekly Roundup of Youtube Videos

Hello, friends. I’m thinking of starting a new series on here where I share some of my favorite YouTube videos from the past week. I subscribe to a multitude of different channels on the YouTube, so it should be pretty varied and unique. Think of this as my art gallery where I curate the finest paintings, but instead of paintings, they are YouTube videos. I don’t think I really needed that analogy, but I made it anyway. Enjoy week first weekly roundup!

[DAY 28 FINALE] I Waited an ENTIRE MONTH to be FIRST to Get a Nintendo Switch!

Last we saw and heard from CND it was day 2 of his month-long wait for the Switch. Here is the culmination of all his waiting.

WATCH WHAT I DO | DailyVee 180

Where are my GaryVee fans at? Just an all-around inspirational guy that has a knack for growing businesses. Read the rest of this entry

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