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Choo! Choo! All Aboard the Emmy Rossum Bandwagon

All aboard! Choo choo! Anyone who has been watching Shameless already knows Emmy Rossum is a classic triple threat option, but I’m going to remind you anyway. She’s smart (graduated high school at 15, attended Stanford and Columbia) sexy and one hell of a talented actress. Besides Shameless, she has starred in a wide array of movies, including Phantom of the Opera and The Day After Tomorrow. But back to Shameless. Rossum plays Fiona, the lead character in a crazy talented ensemble cast. Without getting too into the plot of the show, Fiona takes care of her younger brothers and sisters while her substance dependent father and hit or miss (mostly miss) mother are usually nowhere to be found. She’s been killing it ever since the show debuted in 2011. Also, I’d be foolish not to mention that she has grade A boobs, boobs which you see quite a bit in the show. Moral of the story: Emmy Rossum is awesome. Shameless season four starts January 12th.

– Ryan

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