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Rob Ford, Donald Sterling, and Spiderman Walk Into a Bar…

-The Average Nobodies

I Miss You, Tommy Boy

Recently David Spade did an interview on Reddit and he was asked a question about the scene in “Tommy Boy” where Chris Farley takes Spade’s jacket and puts it on while singing “Fat Guy in a little coat”. Spade was asked if Farley actually ripped the jacket in the film. Here’s Spade’s response:
Chris was always doing that bit to me at work [at SNL]. We shared an office, and you had to walk through our office to get to Chris Rock & Adam Sandler’s office, so these 2 microscopic offices were back to back, and Chris’ desk was behind mine, and he didn’t really know how to write, or read, really (kidding!) but he would come in bored, because I would have to write my sketches to try to get on but they would always let him on, so he would get behind me and be bored, everyone 1538676_10152142351526406_6779321882692543171_nwould write him sketches, and he would say “Davey… turn around” and I said “if this is Fat Guy in a Little Coat I’m not turning around, it’s not funny anymore.” And he would say “no, i’ve got a whole new thing I’m doing.”
And then I’d turn around, and it would be him in my Levi jacket, and he would say “Fat guy in little coat! Don’t you give up on it!”
And so when we did Tommy Boy we were just looking for jokes and scenes to make them better, and we decided that was funny to us, maybe it would be funny to there people. So we put “Fat guy in a little coat” in and he sang it (which was funny, and not the plan), and then we had to cut the coat in the back to make sure it would rip. So that was a long answer for the question of “did he really rip it.” We had to make sure it would rip, and sound funny, so we had to help it a little bit. –The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences/ The Oscars



Let me get this straight, during their time at SNL Spade and Farley shared an office NEXT TO Sandler and Rock?! How fucking awesome is that!


Jared “Hefty Lefty” Lorenzen is still at it!


It’s Shocking to me that Jared “Hefty Lefty” Lorenzen is still alive, never mind still playing Football. Jamarcus Russell should take notes on how to be 300+ pounds and still play football. Jared has it down to a science.


Not going to lie, he looks like how I would Imagine Rob Ford would look like if he had any coordination and played football.


With nicknames like: The Round Mound of Touchdown and The Pillsbury Throwboy, you have to play the game as long as you can. Awesome nicknames don’t grown on trees.


PS- His younger, more “fit” days.


He’s Backkkkkk – Rob Ford

Is that a Jamaican accent I hear? Do you Rob Ford, do you.


PS- Never change

Rob Ford Dancing… Do I Need to Say More?

Here are two videos of Rob Ford, and the rest of the Toronto City Council, dancing. I am too good too my readers!

Rob Ford has moves for days! How THE HELL has this guy not been asked to be on Dancing With The Stars? That is an absolute outrage! I’m sure the day will eventually come, but that isn’t soon enough. “The first crack smoking winner of DWTS”. It does have a nice ring to it, hand you know he is probably going to fall down at least 1,000 times, which makes it infinitively better.

Crank Rob Ford up to 11 and set him free.


PS- HUGE thanks to Luna Elektra for hunting these videos down! YOU ROCK!

Rob Ford Goes To Church



Rob Ford! You dog, you! Getting groovy at, what looks like, one of the churches you see on TV. The power of christ compels Bobby! (If the gif doesn’t load click the image or here)

GIF of the century would be an understatement and an insult.


Happy Birthday to the Unofficial Mayor of Boston



Happy birthday, Big Papi. Hope you and your three rings have a wonderful day!

-The Average Nobodies

The Tale of Rob Ford Needs to be a Book/Movie

Ok, Rob, you are a true mad man.
Robford copy

Can we all agree that this looks like a christmas list compared to SMOKING CRACK. These new allegations are just going to keep piling up….like this new one.

Rob Ford, do yourself a favor and go silently into the night. As much as I would like to see you continue on, do it for your wife, and all you have to eat at home…