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Randy Orton Won Instagram This Weekend #MemorialDay

Randy Orton had the long weekend off to spend some time at home by the pool with his family. But just because The Viper isn’t inside a WWE ring, doesn’t mean he won’t attack at any moment. That kid never saw the RKO coming. I’m also glad Randy loves the RKO Outta Nowhere just as much as the rest of us.


Shaq Falling On The TNT Set Gets The RKO Outta Nowhere Treatment Every Video Deserves

This is the natural progression that videos on the internet deserve. If you fall in the year 2015, there’s a 1000% chance that a video of you falling is going on YouTube. In addition to that, there is going to be a remix video featuring a pant-less snake giving you a RKO. The internet is a strange, weird place, but sometimes it’s pretty wonderful. Big man fall hard!

– Ryan

And Now, A Double RKO From OUTTA NOWHERE On Jameis Winston and That Poor Referee

Just because Randy Orton is on the disabled list in real life doesn’t mean he can’t keep RKO’ing fools from OUTTA NOWHERE. I saw the vine of Orton RKO’ing Jameis Winston pretty much everywhere last night and this morning, but this is the first double RKO video I’ve seen, and it is glorious. Jameis’s fall kind of makes it hard for the RKO to look good, but the referee might as well been wrestling Randy Orton, because his fall is absolutely perfect for the RKO. I’m glad we no longer live in a world where people can slip and fall down without consequence. If you fall down, and it is on film, you are getting RKO’d.

– Ryan

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