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The Star Studded First Trailer For Ocean’s 8 Is Finally Here

The Ocean’s movies are some of the best and most entertaining heist films ever made. Whether you love the original or the remake (or the sequels, you murderer) they’re always a ton of fun to watch. Hopefully the same can be said for Ocean’s 8, the all female reboot that released it’s first trailer today.

Ocean’s 8 Trailer

First of all, the cast is stacked. Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Mindy Kaling, Sarah Paulson and Anne Hathaway. That’s a hell of a crew. Bullock plays Danny Ocean’s (George Clooney, swoon) estranged sister Debbie. As you can see from the trailer, Debbie needs to assemble a crew to pull off a major heist at the Met Gala. The target: Daphne Kluger (Anne Hathaway) and her $150 million necklace. If you wear a $150 million necklace you probably deserve to get robbed, so I’ll be rooting for the Ocean’s crew.

Ocean’s 8 premieres June 8, 2018.



Rihanna is the Female Version of Drake, Parties With the German Soccer Team After Their World Cup Victory


Rihanna is such a HUGE Germany fan. The only credit she gets is that tweeted out a weirdly photo shopped picture of herself in a German flag bikini before the game. Other than that, I never really understood this outlook. Drake does the same thing with the NBA. He’s from Toronto, where he can be seen sitting courtside lint rolling his pants because if I’m a player on the Raptors THAT’S who I want rooting me on. But then he goes to the All Star game in a Lebron jersey or has weekly tea and scrumpet’s dates with Dwight Howard and Kevin Durant. Drake must’ve rubbed off on Rihanna (you’re welcome) because she’s rooted for just about every team in the World Cup. On her twitter she’s rooted for the Netherlands, Belgium, France, USA and Germany. I can understand not having a dog in the race and just kind of having fun, but where is the loyalty? It can’t be fun just rooting on whatever team advances to the next round. Rooting for a team that breaks your heart makes you who you are. It’s the beauty of sports, which makes the winning part that much more fun. Maybe Rihanna has figured out some sort of sports fan loophole, but I think you should stick to your guns. I’m sure the German soccer team would’ve partied with her no matter what team she rooted for. Lucky sons of bitches.

– Ryan



Shakira and Rihanna’s New Music Video Made Me Feel Things

This video was better than most soft core porns I’ve watched. Not that I watch a lot of soft core porn, but you get the point. The chica from Colombia and the beauty from Barbados need to team up more often, because now every music video I watch will be a terrible let down. For now, let’s enjoy the music.

– Ryan

Rihanna Drinking Out of a Stiletto Heel is a Blatant Power Move

– via Celebuzz

This is how you reassert your dominance. Oh Katy Perry has more twitter followers? The Biebs is banging Brazilian whores? I’ll just casually drink my drank out of a stiletto heel like some type of monster. You don’t mess with Rihanna when it comes to doing crazy shit. She’ll twerk on your face then spit in your mouth. Just an absolute lunatic. Although drinking out of something where people put their sweaty feet is kind of disgusting. Either way, don’t fudge with Rihanna.

– Ryan

Does John Madden Have the Largest Head Ever?

He has to, right? People might have him beat in the forehead department but not in overall head size. His head honestly looks like it weights 200 pounds. I’m surprised he’s not dead based purely on the fact that his neck just collapsed under the weight of his enormous head. John Madden is now forever going to be the king of huge heads, along with his queen, Rihanna.

– Ryan

Vin Diesel Sings “Stay” (Originally by Rihanna)

Look at that intensity! It’s official (I’ve known for a while, however) Vin Diesel is a triple threat! He can act, sing, and drive fast cars (who needs to dance when you can drive cars off cliffs)


PS – Most impressed with the high notes. F-Sharp City

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