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Flashback Friday – Bob Dylan Playing at the Newport Folk Festival 50 Years Ago

We (Rhode Islanders) often forget how special where we live really is. We have world renowned beaches, pretty ideal weather (if you like 4 full seasons), and views that are meant for postcards. It is also easy to forget the history Rhode Island has. We have been around since the inception of America, and with that comes a lot of great memories. Here is a flashback to 1964 when the great Bob Dylan graced the stages at the annual Newport Folk Festival.


PS- Mr. Tambourine Man is my favorite Bob Dylan song.

Man is Drilling Teeth Out of His 2nd Floor Apartment

PROVIDENCE, R.I. — A Central Falls man received two years probation after admitting to running an illegal dental practice from his second-floor apartment.

Ray Guillen, 27, pleaded no contest Monday before Superior Court Judge Jeffrey A. Lanphear to operating a dental practice without a license and maintaining a common nuisance.

Central Falls police responded on April 12, 2012, to a suspected domestic assault at 77 Clay Street, Apt. 2, second floor. They discovered a dentist chair in the living room, x-ray equipment, and a cabinet filled with dental tools for drilling and cleaning, retainers, morphine, and other drugs. A vial of steroids was found in Guillen’s room as well as business cards that identified him as a tooth whitening specialist operating out of Blackstone Dental… -Providence Journal

This is why I HATE the dentists. Just some guy drugging up people and drilling the shit out of there mouths. But really, who the hell falls into this trap? Not only is it in the middle of some dudes living room, but it’s on the second floor of some apartment building in CENTRAL FALLS, Rhode Island. For those of you who do not know about Central Falls, I will just say it isn’t known for its tea parties…OR dentists offices. Completely ok for someone to do with with a barber chair, but drilling and scrapping teeth? Save that for the pros…please.


Hopefully Bears Can’t Smell Crazy

Move over Florida, Rhode Island’s got crazy fever! This video of a Rhode Island NBC10 reporter explaining what to do when you see a bear is the craziest thing i’ve seen since Sharknado.  That’s how to repel a bear?? By looking at this girls survival tactics something tells me she wouldn’t last 2 minutes on ‘Naked and Afraid’. Apparently this is going viral, and why not?! It’s hilarious. And it already has a remixed version! That’s when you know you’ve made the big time.


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