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Shakira and Rihanna’s New Music Video Made Me Feel Things

This video was better than most soft core porns I’ve watched. Not that I watch a lot of soft core porn, but you get the point. The chica from Colombia and the beauty from Barbados need to team up more often, because now every music video I watch will be a terrible let down. For now, let’s enjoy the music.

– Ryan

Today We Remember 9/11 With Vince McMahon and the WWE

For all the brave men and women in America and serving around the world, and to the civil servants that protect our streets everyday, we here at the Average Nobodies say thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. American may not be perfect, but it is home. We will never forget the unity in America the days after 9/11, and neither should you, that is the strength that America is built on.

-MattyV & RyanFoges

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