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Justin Roberts Released from the WWE – Fly Away Sweet Prince




What a perfect goodbye from the guy who has been the voice of the WWE for the better part of 10+ years. What a good attitude to have. You will be missed in voice, but not in appearance (Lillian Garcia is taking over….WOOF)

Fly away sweet prince, fly away and be free.


Colin Farrell Signs on for Season 2 of ‘True Dectective’


Colin Farrell says he will star in HBO’s True Detective‘s upcoming second season, according to an interview published in the Irish newspaper The Sunday World, cited by multiple outlets, including The New York Times. The cable network had no immediate comment. A source close to the matter had told E! News in July that the Irish actor was being considered for a role.

“I’m doing the second series. I’m so excited,” The Sunday World quoted Farrell as saying.


True detective just got a whole lot more Irish. While they have not released a co-star, if there even is one, I am excited for Farrell to join the new installment. While I though the first True Detective lacked in story, I can say confidently that they hit the nail on the head for casting and acting. Will Colin’s accent be joining us for season 2? A man can dream.


Give me “S.W.A.T” Colin Farrell or give me death.

Oh Happy Day: Rob Ford is Back in the Saddle

BobbyRob Ford returned to city hall on Monday after a two-month stint in rehab, offering a public apology for his past behaviour and asking for another opportunity as mayor of Toronto.

In a news conference Monday afternoon, Ford said he is “ashamed and humiliated” by some of the choices he made in the past.

“I was wrong, and I have no one to blame but myself,” he said in a 15-minute-long statement.

“It was never my intention to embarrass the city or offend my fellow members of council. I deeply regret some of the personal choices I have made in the past.”

Ford also apologized to mayoral candidate Karen Stintz for the “hurtful and degrading remarks” he made about her. “I offer a deep-felt apology for my behaviour,” he said.

Ford took a sudden leave of absence from office in late April to seek professional help for substance abuse at GreeneStone, a rehab facility in Bala, Ont. It came following a new string of racist, sexist and homophobic comments that were recorded and made public in media reports.


Let’s hope this is the new, crack free chapter in the life of Rob Ford. Rehab usually goes two ways: the person realizes they need to change their lifestyle and really commit to sobriety or they fake their way through rehab and relapse. Rob Ford seems like he’s taking the first path, which is good news for everybody. Did he make some mistakes? Sure. Did he smoke crack and say some terrible things about other city council members? He is guilty of that as well. But I believe it was Bill Paxton who said “fall down seven times, stand up eight.” I’m interested in seeing how tall Rob Ford can stand, not how far he’s willing to fall.




Be Still My Beating Heart: The (Official) Cast of Star Wars Episode 7


Adam Driver – Rumored to play the villain.


John Boyega – From “Attack The Block”. Rumored to play a hero role.

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The 2015 Mustang Changed Everything I Thought a Mustang Could Be

this oneI really don’t know how Ford does it. Every time Ford releases a new “pony” it is better than the last one, (with expect ion to 1967, it will never be beaten) and the 2015 is no exception. Punchy, sleek, and somehow sneaky modern the 2015 Mustang defies what a new muscle car, specifically a American made one, can be. It has all the classic looks (tail lights, fast back, and stance) that mustangs have kept over the years, but has added all the curves and swagger that a new style car brings to the table. Just when I thought the Mustang cannot be outdone, they go and do something like this. One word: gorgeous. I cannot wait to get inside one.

2015-ford-mustang_100448864_l 2015-ford-mustang_100448882_l 2015-ford-mustang_100448888_l 2015-ford-mustang_100448891_l


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